25 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • LadyStonecut

    How much do? you put in your coffee? Or how much a day are you using? I have no idea what the benficial amount is though I have used it on my skin and a little here and there for cooking.
    I think the coffee is such a good idea because it liquifies so easily.

  • sumstuff46

    amazing info on that page, i’m buying some today, and adding to my diet also, i have H. Pylori and some other problems too, hope this helps :)?

  • Goldowolf

    I see you have also fell in love with coconut oil:) Great stuff! I have been a sunbather all of my 56 years and my skin is in excellent condition. By the way your skin is looking wonderful. I wanted? to say something after watching your Alien Interview video but thought it would be out of place to do so. Please if you have time check out the the MSM I mentioned on your other C.O. video. C.O. may help keep me looking young but the MSM helps keep me feeling young;)

  • sumstuff46

    wow, glad i saw this post, i also have a raging? toothache, i know it’s infected and read coconut oil is better and more effective than antibiotics, going now to get some organic nutiva at superstore organic area

    Thanks alot, i mean that, this will help relieve my pain and take the infection away, Love your posts, to me this one is a life saver, i delved deeper into what coconut oil does it is AMAZING

    hybridrastamama.c o m/2011/06/80-uses-for-coconut-oil.html

  • Mauhadeeb28

    An oil? that is 85% saturated fat is not healthy. If your whole body is feeling “oiled” then your heart is as well. Not a good thing.

  • mendingtime

    Hi Marcia, I’ve been using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for a year now both on my facial skin as well as adding a tablespoon to my hot coffee. Works great on my skin, tastes great in my coffee, and has so many additional health benefits it’s well worth any price although I get mine through my local Vitamin Shoppe for around $18 (US) for the 29 oz.size? or $9.99 (US) for 15 oz. Thanks for sharing your research and for all the great work you do here on YT! You are a beautiful soul!

  • sweetloveelmo

    Today I had my FIRST cofee with coconot oil in stead of milk and hey…. I? liked it. Thank you Marcy for teaching me about this.

    ~ OneLove ~

  • traitorsbeware

    I am so exited to hear what? effects it has on you, I am having a lot of good ones.

  • traitorsbeware

    This one is organic and has full flavour and is virgin. That being? said though, I think things are more expensive in Canada. I just love it.

  • traitorsbeware

    I read something to the contrary about this being bad for the? heart. All I can say, is it is doing something marvelous.

  • traitorsbeware

    I probably use? a couple tablespoons a day, so about a teaspoon each time.

  • traitorsbeware

    This is just amazing. I bought the virgin one with full flavour. I has hardly any taste, is very fine and smooth too. ?

  • 69Phuket

    Great stuff…We made about a liter of it, and it’s great? to eat on its own. Hair, in food cooking, skin. Just get it in!!!!!


    i heard avocado? oil is all he rage now…but ill stick with extra virgin olive oil…the best!

  • Mauhadeeb28

    The new thought coming out is related to LCTs and MCTs. Proponents of coconutoil point out the high levels of MCTs but fail to point out the high levels of LCTs as well. For example, there are far more LCTs in coconut oil than? olive oil.
    MCTs do not counteract the negative properties of LCTs.
    There is little wrong with coconut oil, or most vegetable oils, in moderation or as a replacement, but using it in addition to regular daily fat consumption can be hazardous.

  • StealthEmerald

    my mana, my love:)) eat it in anything or everything..use it for everything and anything on/in your body (teeth/gums)! All in one! There’s other oils that are gems too, but the smell, taste and versatile ‘form’ it takes is my addiction..a must for any bunker, that and honey man!! lol
    If you don’t already, try sun charging your water when? you can…in a bottle tho (not plastic)

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