Health benefits of drinking beet juice or coconut water?

My brazilian BF always, always drinks beet juice and coconut water (not together, of course) and he looks 10 years younger than he is. Anyone have any experiences like this?

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    One thought on “Health benefits of drinking beet juice or coconut water?

    • Meenu J

      Coconut Water Health Benefits at a Glance:

      Low in Carbohydrates
      99% Fat Free – Contains No Cholesterol
      Low in natural occurring sugar
      Contains organic compounds possessing growth promoting properties
      Cures Malnourishment
      Effective in the treatment of kidney and urethral Stones

      Natural drink for feeding infants suffering from intestinal disturbances
      Excellent oral re-hydration medium, an all natural isotonic for all ages
      Re-hydrate naturally, free of added sugars or chemicals
      More hydrating to the body then water
      Lower arterial pressure
      Relieve spasms and stomach pain
      Ease burns
      Natural diuretic

      Presence of saline and albumen makes it an excellent drink in cholera cases
      Maintains the human body’s natural fluid levels
      Can be injected intravenously in emergency cases
      Helps in carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells
      Eliminate swelling in hands and feet

      Normalize the intestinal function and raise metabolism
      Heal damage induced by antibiotics and toxins in the digestive tract
      Boost poor circulation

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