Health Benefits of Tea: Your Questions Answered with Dr. Tea!

Today on Mahalo Daily, learn about the benefits of drinking tea from Dr. Tea himself. Ever wonder if tea is better for you than water, or what kind of tea you should drink? Answer those questions and more with Leah and Dr. Tea at the Dr. Tea’s Tea Garden and Herbal Emporium in West Hollywood, CA. Visit to find more information on tea. Visit to find more information on Dr. Tea. Dr. Tea’s book, “The Ultimate Tea Diet How Tea Can Boost Your Metabolism, Shrink Your Appetite, and Kick-Start Remarkable Weight Loss” is available at Watch more videos from Dr. Tea at More videos from Mahalo Daily with Dr. Tea That’s Not Tea: SUBSCRIBE TODAY and you could win a Mahalo prize pack! Mahalo! We’re here to help.

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    25 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Tea: Your Questions Answered with Dr. Tea!

    • AshillaBeige

      I actually can’t drink water anymore.. just straight up water (it’s complicated and comes from medical issues, and it’s not because I never liked it), so I switched to real iced tea. I made a crapload each day and stuck it in the fridge, and it’s a GREAT alternative, and since it tastes great, you’re more likely to drink it. Tea is also often a diuretic. This is good and bad… it’s good because it flushes your system, but the downside is that you have to pee more often XD

    • nobleheight

      Tea has caffeine which is a diuretic among other things. Diuretics make you go pee pee more so than just water. If you are interested in getting hydrated don’t drink caffeinated beverages. There is a misnomer in this society that everything called doctor is actually a doctor.

    • SumNJFella

      The Woman reminds me of Kelly Lebrock from Woman In Red. I drink Green Tea/cold/homemade.

    • cooldaddyy

      god made tea, rest my case. make it with distilled water,,,enjoy. if you have to sweeten it, do so with stevia

    • fartedonyourface

      White tea is the new green tea because it has more antioxidants and has a milder taste..if you like that kind of thing!

    • KawaRider88

      Is it bad to have more than 1 cup a day…I am on a diet and have been on green tea for a couple days…I am trying to substitute tea for all those horrible sweet drinks that americans revolve there lives around…I am thinking about drinking a cup of tea when ever I have a craving for food which I don’t need and would just have like 4 cups of tea a day with a banana or apple…is 4 cups of tea ok in a day?

    • XxPnuemaxX

      Tea is awesome because it comes in so many varieties. It’s not full of sugar but it’s still tasty! It’s refined, and a pot of tea will hydrate you a lot.

    • EricSchwin22

      KawaRider88 says: “have like 4 cups of tea a? day with a banana or apple…is 4 cups of tea ok in a day?”

      Congrats, you’re doing a lot better for your health than most people…this is actually a lot better than eating that crappy fast food…so sure you can drink 4 cups of tea a day, that’s how much I drink each day and it’s good for your physical and mental health.

    • ResidentEvelKnievel

      I am addicted to Tea and drinking Tea has become a daily part of my life. Love it!

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