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  • megalisstudio

    hey thanks man
    appreciate the pointers
    you sound like a pro in the business—
    thanks for watching…!!!

  • jeyaminfo

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  • Goadiroth

    Tom, great video, you’ve got talent & you’re quite a character. I’m about to change employers and will soon have a lapse in coverage. It looks like I will have to just insure my wife and kid. As for me, it’s just 3 months, right? So, I figured it’s cheaper for me to cross my fingers and my toes…maybe my eyes as well πŸ™‚

  • megalisstudio

    well good luck man–the insurance game is a strange—–
    thanks for the great comment!!!!

  • alexapollo22

    I just wear Alex Chiu’s immortality rings and H have no health problems what so ever. No health insurance needed.

  • Pumpersniff

    Funny Funny Funny! I am hunting for self-employed medical insurance … again. To see if I can find something cheaper than Kaiser’s $375 for me and my spouse. When I came across your post. You nailed it! All the f’n crazy hoops that you have to jump through. Ahh I can’t wait to see what I have to go through this time.

  • xcrazyidiotx

    you could totally be a comedian. seriously lol its hilarious keep the videos coming

  • livegems

    It is kind of amazing some people think health costs are like buying a car or any other commercial proposition (eg: all the insurance co-sponsored posts on Youtube, by varying “people”). You can plan to buy a car or a house: it’s your own responsibility and your money allocation–but you can’t plan a medical affliction. Not the same. I simply note one anti-health plan person on Ytube had her two fave videos as a) a revolver shooting into a tank, and b) a clip of Milton F’man on “Greed”. True!!

  • ricksands52

    I am an accomplished trial attorney. I AM UNABLE TO GET MY OWN HEALTH INSURANCE. Period. End of Story. I am not disabled. I had to spend a fortune on medical bills. I had to close my lucrative law practice. I want to reopen my law practice in Coeur d Alene, Idaho or Spokane, Washington. I AM WILLING TO MARRY A GREAT LADY TO GET HEALTH INSURANCE. Richard

  • ZeroIkarus

    Hahaha! super funny!!!!great job!! lol

    Back here in Greece, freelancer or not you have to get health insurance no matter if you like it or not! You have to even if you cant afford one!!! lol, yup it is THAT crazy!!!! (cause they need to collect money and pay the health insurance of people that have health insurance and never pay for it!!! craaazy crazy world πŸ™‚ well ok, Greek crazy world.

  • Drechill

    Dane Cook, Damon Wayans,Chris Rock, and George Lopez are funny. You sir make me want to play Russian Roulette by myself, but keep trying.

  • Foxfire444

    I lost my health insurance when my work hours were reduced two years ago. I begged and pleaded for them not to do that, because I needed the insurance. πŸ™ It’s been hell on earth living without health insurance. Knowing that going to the doctor without health insurance would bring financial ruin and bankruptcy. Imagine being in horrible physical pain and not having health insurance…. imagine what that would be like. πŸ™

  • eHealthInsurance

    Buying health insurance does not have to be this difficult or frustrating. Check out come of our customer testimonials.

  • ThunderheadNebula

    Obamacare was signed on March 2010 with 59% of the people disapproving according to a CNN poll. The CBO scored Obamacare on six years of coverage for 10 years of taxes, which is how the CBO showed the bill to be deficit neutral . It’s unconstitutional mandating all citizens to purchase health care. Even Pelosi said, β€œWe have to pass the bill, so you can find out what is in it.” watch?v=KoE1R-xH5To It’s also meant to take over industry watch?v=p-bY92mcOdk
    Allen West 2012

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