Healthy Stir Fry Cooking: A Green Pan, Coconut Oil, Soy Sauce and Cumin – Healthy eating does not need to be bland! In this video I share how I make healthy and delicious stir-fries by using vegetables, coconut oil, Shoyu sauce, and a spice, such as cumin. In this video: 1. Eat more whole foods and less processed foods. 2. Whole foods are in the produce section. I also recommend eating organic food (see for more info). 3. Processed foods include breads, pastas, crackers, cookies, and most foods found in a box, can or in the freezer section, and of course, fast food. 4. An easy way to eat more whole foods is to eat stir-fries on a regular basis. 5. Use a pan with a nontoxic surface coating. Most pans have a surface that releases toxins into the food. Avoid those, and instead, buy a good pan with a nontoxic surface. Green Pan ( – found at Target Stores) and Cuisinart (http – Green Gourmet) make nontoxic surface pans. Another option is to use a stainless steel pan. But never use an aluminum pan; those are not good at all. 6. Fry your food in a cold-processed oil, like coconut oil. Most oils sold in conventional grocery stores are chemically extracted or heat extracted, and therefore they are not good for you because they can cause trans fats, among other things. I discuss refined oils at length on my website: Coconut oil is good for you; it tastes good, and does well in medium to high heat. 7. When you cook your veggies, start with dense foods first, and

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    21 thoughts on “Healthy Stir Fry Cooking: A Green Pan, Coconut Oil, Soy Sauce and Cumin

    • EllenJaffeJones

      Lots of tips on how to eat well on a budget in my book “Eat Vegan on $4 a Day.” Larry’s right…average that $100,000 heart bypass surgery into that $5 restaurant burger, and it’s more like a $1000 burger, depending how long you live and how often you eat burgers.? I wrote the book using 99% of my food ingredients from Walmart…just to show you can do it using nothing exotic. While organics are great if you can afford them, the reality is most people shop at big box stores.

    • Hoovesandpaws61

      @LarryCook333 Yes, stainless steel. You can cook with extremely low amounts of water and no oil which probably keeps more nutrients in the foods. I’ve had my set for 26 years. It was expensive but I think it has been worth it. Regarding comment about cost of good organic food: You can pay upfront for good food which will hopefully mean good health or you can pay in Co-pays, Rx meds, illness, and early death! The food is the better way to go and in the long run far cheaper!

    • LarryCook333

      @Hoovesandpaws61 I have not, but I’m sure I would…I’ve seen some demos. Stainless steel, right?

    • Thestralsxxx

      @LarryCook333 2) I completely agree. You can’t really put a price on health. And conventional food is artificially cheap. Real food is at a real price.

    • LarryCook333

      @Thestralsxxx That’s a good question. And the answer is twofold: 1) If you eat whole, organic fresh produce and bulk grains, and bulk beans, not too much more than conventional food (and from there, yes, it can go up); 2) What is the cost of Diabetes, or Fibromyalgia, or Cancer, or and number of diet related diseases? Much more than the health food, in the long run.

    • LarryCook333

      @bluesdog88 Correct, don’t use teflon. Cast iron is fine, but not always easy to keep things from sticking.

    • LarryCook333

      @ShermanMR2 Yes. Go to the health food store and look for cold-pressed oils that work for high temperature frying. Try a couple or a few, and then please report back and let us all know what you found and liked!

    • ShermanMR2

      My husband and I boyhood hate coconut oil. Is there another healthy choice. Thanks for the video.

    • LaLaSayz76

      I have yet to add coconut oil to my cooking however, I am an avid user of it for my hair and skin. But I will have to try this soon and let you know how it turns out. Thanks for sharing!

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