Henna Dye and Coconut Oil to seal-in the color

This is the result of my new Twist-out technique that I saw on CurlyNilkki(dot)com. To learn more about Henna goto : www.hennaforhair.com http www.TropicalTraditions.com http

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    25 thoughts on “Henna Dye and Coconut Oil to seal-in the color

    • baby8969

      so beautiful.. did u rinse out the henna and then apply the coconut oil after deep conditioning and such? or do u apply the coconut oil while the henna is still in the hair??

    • lindajai

      Hi Donna Mac! Your hair is really pretty. I like the henna look on you. I want to henna my hair, but I understand that it can be very drying…did you experience dryness?

    • fnnygrndm

      @lindajai it is pretty drying but thats also why she used coconut oil. coconut oil restores the moisture lost with henna

    • micaiahty

      Ms. Donna,

      Your hair is BEAUTIFUL. How long does the color last before you have to reapply the henna? I am really doing alot of research on what henna products to purchase. Have you ever tried Amla?

      Many blessings.

    • TheMakeupvirgin

      Hi, the henna last a long time and gets deeper in color the older it gets. I rehenna my roots ever four weeks. I haven’t tried amla, and I purchased my henna from menandi(dot)com. Body art henna for african hair.

    • watchfuleye2008

      GORGEOUS!!!! Thanks for the headsup on the coconut oil after hennaing!!.. i think out of all the vids Ive seen…your recipe and application is the one I’ll adopt!

    • TheMakeupvirgin

      @lindajai No the henna did not dry out my hair, it made it fuller I think, and after 9 months it is even more red than it was when I first henned it! Sorry it took so long toanswer this question 🙁

    • TheMakeupvirgin

      @baby8969 I used the coconut oil after I rinsed the henna out (sorry to take so long to get back to you)

    • sonjacharde

      hi mrs donna! i am astounded by how awesome your hair looks! you are gorgeous and so is your hair! how long did it take for your hair to reach that length?

    • emogeek95

      is it possible to be allergic to henna? Because I’m allergic to normal hair dye (I think it;s the chemical PPD) but I have pure henna and i don’t know whether you can get allergies from it. thanks!

    • sjk33068

      if u want a more i guess deeper red, or prolly a more pronounced red do you do another session of henna? and if so can you do it right away or must u wait a while b4 henna-ing again? ty in advance!

    • TheMakeupvirgin

      I have read that you should wait 1 month before you henna again. But the henna gets more rich as it gets older. My henna color is more burgandy now than when I first henna’d it one year ago.

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