Holistic Health Effects and Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

Learn about some of the surprising research about the health benefits of virgin coconut oil for holistic living. It can even be used for effective weight loss. To read the full report visit: holisticshamanism.blogspot.com . If it is not on the main page then check the archives.

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    25 thoughts on “Holistic Health Effects and Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

    • DefeatADDnow

      Check out my channel and go to GenerationRescue. The cause of ADHD and Autism is the same even though the symptoms are different.

    • NewKreature517

      So, are trans-fatty acid a result of just extreme temperatures..? Or is it the combination of high heat and the addition of Hydrogen (hydrogenation)….? I’ve been trying to find out this answer for a good while.

    • MDIS

      Trans-fatty acids are the main cause of heart attacks , cancer and other deadly diseases that affects the modern human race.

      It began when the American and World Soy Association with corrupted medical professionals -> demonized and made natural food products such as Butter , Coconut Oil as unhealthy.

      Butter actually contains Lauric Acid similar to Virgin Coconut Oil that kills Bacteria. Butter and Coconut oil contains vitamins and natural minerals and are easily absorbed into the body.

    • germanicelt

      Not surprised. The elite want to turn us into more sedate easily controlled pussies.

    • theemurf

      Actually to say that lauric acid destroys the lipid membrane is nearly right but not quite nail on the head. When the human body (and some animals) consume lauric acid (50-55% of coconut oil!) it is converted into monolaurin which in turn destroy the said membrane. This eradicates all lipid envelope viruses according to the reports. These include influenza, herpes and apparently HIV. Though it does not include the rhino virus, as this is a different kind of virus.

    • Efemral

      Just remember that even the most healthy oil has a very high calorie content. So moderation in all things is the key. (In my opinion.)

    • jnnycliff

      In my country we used to make coconute oil for cooking use, we can only make about 1 to 2 oz from each coconute. And we don’t have time to go through all the pelling off coconute,that’s why we cook with coconute cream.

    • jmbphilcrafts

      we have lots in the Philippines…..

      they make it to commercial oil …….can be found in all department store….

    • TheCharleycat

      the coconut liquid in that picture look like milk colour? last time i opened a coconut its liquid was clear like water.

    • rmjs777

      Yes, coconuts do not contain the liquid milk as in the picture, that is just a commercial picture that looks “pretty”

    • pyogazel

      I agree, and furthermoer, once you cook oil (and this is even more the case for saturated fats, hence their bad reputation) it becomes carcinogenic : don’t cook it! use it in smoothies, ice creams and salad dressings!

    • ncfwhitetigress

      I think the coconut milk they’re talking about is the water mixed with coconut meat and then filtered.

    • TheresNoTimeLikeNow

      yes but not all is grown harvested or produced in the same ways are others. It must be grown organically and never exposed to chemicals or heat for extraction. it is plain simple and good for you vs “palm” or commercially treated coconut or any oils for that matter. check it out read up on it, be sure you are eating the best otherwise it could be hard on your liver.

    • TheresNoTimeLikeNow

      Both are excellent and i believe there is oil in the milk as well, which is likely more than enough seeing you consume it on a regular basis.; Keep it up !

    • diazragu2010

      @jmbphilcrafts i heard that in the phillipines they actually have carrier trucks that carry coconut oil because its a popular and used alot? am i wrong?

    • miketysonjunior

      wow are u serious …did you try to cook it first then open it.. OMG u mad me laugh

    • Taspearl

      My dog has been having thyroid problems. I didn’t know anything yet about coconut oil helping thyroids. Maybe I should try it out, and hope it works.

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