Homemade Almond and Coconut Milk – Mind Over Munch Episode 24

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25 thoughts on “Homemade Almond and Coconut Milk – Mind Over Munch Episode 24

  • Sasafras06

    Another great video. I love how this show is orchestrated. I hope you take
    it as a compliment when i say this show is like the Bill Nye the Science
    guy of healthy youtube shows.?

  • cynthiacorsa

    Alyssia please respond!!! I love your videos and want to do this and your
    peanut butter recipe but please please please tell me – which cuisinart
    food processor are you using? Yours does a great job and mine… well…
    just burnt out trying to make chai peanut butter -_-?

  • sjp59

    Cool! I loveeeee loveeeee almond milk. So excited I can make it at home.
    Thank’s for posting this video . ?

  • Cristal Reyna

    Tried soymilk for a while but it wasn’t very good. Gave almond milk a try
    and so far I really enjoy it. Thanks for the tips very useful?

  • Judith Parent

    Is it more expansive to make these milks at home or to buy them at the
    grocery store ??

  • Tonya Renee

    My favorite almond milk combo is almonds, water, 3-5 dates, 1/2 tsp vanilla
    and about 1/4 tsp salt. It is AMAZING!!! Mine last at least 5 days.?

  • Connie Navarro

    Where were you OMG you a complete nutritional ingredient thank so much l
    love all your videos. .?

  • SerenityB

    Such a lovely idea! I follow you on instagram and just found out you had a
    youtube! I’m now subscribed! :)?

  • seygra20 .

    Coconut and Almond milk have little protein so why do ppl drink it. I
    prefer soy milk, if i’m to go dairy free. I just can’t get with the mouth
    feel of almond milk and coconut milk seems weird to drink, since it is used
    for cooking mostly in my country.?

  • Reah Eslick

    This might be a stupid question but why use almond milk why not use skimmed
    cows milk if your not vegan? Ps I love your video’s :)?

  • Connie Navarro

    Have a question what u said we can use the almond meal so the coconut’s for
    baking but it’s wet do l need let dry .. if so how can l do it ? Thanks
    love all your videos?

  • Connie Navarro

    Alyssa what do u think about soy milk? So confused. I have a kid who loves
    it l do so but heard that is not healthy. . It’s true? ?

  • Connie Navarro

    Finally did it today l made a mess in my kitchen but it worth it it tastes
    so good it used dates for sweet and vanilla really happy with my almond
    milk thanks so much! What do you think about soy milk is it true that isn’t
    healthy? ?

  • Mscellobass

    Wait a minute here! You want ur viewers to go and buy processed coconut
    shreds and milk it?? Weeeeeird! Hope u don’t me saying so. Why not get real
    coconut, take out the ‘flesh’ process it and then take out squeezed milk?
    Especially if the coconut hasn’t matured too much.?

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