18 thoughts on “Homemade Coconut Milk Protein Treatment

  • NotoriousLYNappy1

    another easy way to apply? would be using a spray bottle! or an oil/color applicator bottle!

  • LuBellaCoils

    I gave myself a coconut milk treatment about? 2 months ago. I taped it but never edited the film. Ended up erasing it 🙁 I love the way my hair feels after a coconut milk treatment. Super bouncy 🙂

  • kylahsmom1

    My hair Loves? This!!! Thanks for the video. I have none done it for a while. I think it is time to revisit this mixture..thanks for reminding me!

  • padwalabhijeet

    hey nice i applied n i feel my hair hass bcom very soomth n shinny feels great ..coconut milk good for hair growth n also good ..i hv washed my hair with shampoo? ….so according 2 u which is d good one plssssss reply pls

  • ItsMeMonchhichi

    @padwalabhijeet Do you want to know what I think is a good shampoo? I really don’t like to recommend anything for someone else because what might work for me may not work for you. I use a shampoo bar by BoBeam. I think the seller is on etsy.com. I also plan to try the SheaMoisture african? black soap balancing shampoo.

  • ItsMeMonchhichi

    @MzVan21 a grocery store. I can’t recall which one, but if you go to the? eisle that has asian/international foods, you should be able to find it there.

  • MrKaito1000

    i absolutley love this girl. she talks nice, and she? wears her hair natural.! hard to find. i know she will have the best hair ever she wont be bald or have bald patches!!

  • KiKiTheTechie

    It looks runny when you first put it on but it stays on your hair really without any dripping. I think the honey must help it? stick. I think I might halve your recipe cause my hair is kinda short.

  • awiley1970

    Can I use organic? coconut milk in a carton? I got it from Whole Foods and wanted to use it up. Thanks

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