Homemade Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil (Fermentation Method)

http://bigheadmagicmad.blogspot.sg/2013/05/homemade-cold-press-virgin-coconut-oil_30.html My first attempt of making Virgin Coconut Oil (Fermentation Method)…

15 thoughts on “Homemade Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil (Fermentation Method)

  • TheKnowledgeThurst

    Good method, I see the microwave was not on but I might differ in? perception of it’s effects seeing I use not microwaves.

  • bigheadmagicmad

    Yes, the oven was turn off. Fermentation need a warm and enclosed place, so i away like to use a turn off mode oven or microwave oven to do it.?

  • TheKnowledgeThurst

    There has to be a quicker way to make cold press? coconut oil without machinery

  • the Kitchen Spa

    does this smell a little sour? i tried making coconut oil using the fermentation method as well, and the result smells a little sour, i wonder if its supposed to be like that or mine has gone bad

  • Jael Bagui

    Merci à vous j’en ai vu une faite par une petite société de fabrication d’huile de coco mais je n’avais pas les quantités exactes. Une autre facon de tenir le lait de coco a chaud est de conserver le bocal pendant 24h enveloppé dans des tissus ou serviettes.? Thanks a lot i was wondering about the quantities. Sorry my vocabulary is very poor.

  • worthfulmusic

    Sorry for this comment, but the music is awful.. raaaainy day, drab, blah, couldn’t even use it at a? funeral.. Please get more uplifting music 🙂

  • Tos Nippon

    I use the same method but I let it ferment in my cupboard. Would you know if it’s better and if there would be more oil harvested if I let it ferment for 48 hours? I hope you reply to? this. Thank you very much. 🙂

  • Tos Nippon

    Salut! Avez-vous essayé de la laisser fermenter pendant 48h? Je veux juste savoir s’il est? mieux de prolonger le temps de la? fermentation pour recolter plus d’huile.

  • Tos Nippon

    It shouldn’t smell anything near sour at? all. It should have a mild coconut smell, sort of sweet coconutty, if you know what I mean. Yours might have turned rancid.


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