25 thoughts on “How I Apply Coconut Oil

  • HealthNutNutrition

    I have my coconut hair mask in while making some overnight oats for
    breakfast tomorrow! #multitasking ?

  • Ishy Ram

    you don’t even need to heat it up in the microwave…If you rub the coconut
    oil between your hands or even just leave it in your hand for a minute, it
    will melt from your body heat :)?

  • RaeAnna Speights

    It’s great for my hair. I usually put a generous amount on my hair, throw
    on a shower cap, and watch the dirty oil drip off my hair and into the
    bottom of the cap. So gross, but way better than harsh shampoos. :)?

  • Sylvia farrias

    My bottle say 100% pure louana coconut oil is that a good one to use for
    the treatment? As soon as I hear from you a will start doing my hair?

  • Bombshell

    I just came across your channel and you got yourself a new subscriber! I
    even send your hair video to my bestie haha. I’m also obsessed with coconut
    oil! I also use argon oil, a lot. What is your opinion upon it??

  • Rahat Uddin

    When you apply coconut oil to your hair, is it okay to just wash it out
    with just shampoo and not conditioner? What’s the difference if you do??

  • asmaa sultan

    ???? ?????? 🙂 ?????? ????? ?????
    Hey are you arabian? cuz u kinda look arabian :o.. anyways i LOOOOVVVE your
    videos keep going<3?

  • Cecilia V

    I love your videos! 😀 I started using coconut oil on my hair some time
    ago. I have super straight and really thin hair and for some reason when I
    washed the coconut oil out my hair just went flat and I was wondering if
    maybe you had an opinion as to why it ended up like that? ?

  • Elizabeth Ortiz

    I purchase coconut oil today while grocery shopping. I was unsure of how
    much to put in a lil bowl so I did 3 may e 4 tbs. I think that was too much
    but trial and error. I had a question. How long before I should start to
    see n e changes. My only draw back is the smell. I don’t like it too much. ?

  • Elizabeth Ortiz

    I was just wondering how long did it take for u to see any changes to your
    hair. I have fine long hair down to my waist. I don’t put n e product in my
    hair other than coloring/highlighting once a year. ?

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