How to add Coconut Oil or Butter to your Coffee! Less crash more energy better skin

Adding organic coconut oil or organic grass fed butter to your coffee will supercharge it and provide many benefits to you including, but not limited to: • Improving your heart health. • Boosting your thyroid. • Increasing your metabolism. • Supporting your immune system. • Promoting a lean body and weight loss. (which can dramatically reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes ) • Improves your immune system (contains antibacterial and antiviral properties) • Improves skin and hair health Saturated fats are good for you and required in your diet to live. (Its the unsaturated fats that you want to avoid!) Coconut Oil is one of the very best to consume and great for your heart health and longevity. Extra Virgin Oil Oil is also great for you, but would probably taste a bit strange in your coffee. But experiment and tell me! 😉 Coconut oil even benefits your skin when applied topically and has been found to have anti-aging, regenerative effects. Resources: *Note the Aerolatte actually kicks ass at foaming the milk really well if you add more milk or cream and do it right. I wasn’t trying to make foam in this video. I only intended on blending the coconut oil up a bit and mixing things together. Aerolatte: Bulletproof Coffee:

2 thoughts on “How to add Coconut Oil or Butter to your Coffee! Less crash more energy better skin

  • TazZduDe54

    I do this every morning! However, I noticed you’re using refined coconut oil. You might want to look into getting Virgin Coconut oil. I have them both and the difference is amazing! Refined tends to have very little smell or taste of coconut, which is unfortunate since I want that flavor in the coffee. I used my refined oil for cooking since it doesn’t add much flavor (and I think benefits are better? in virgin). My virgin one goes in coffee, desserts, or whatever I want to have the flavor.

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