How to: Coconut Oil Toothpaste has resident mommy blogger, Lani, showcase how she makes coconut oil toothpaste at home. The recipe includes 3 simple ingredients: Kelapo coconut oil, baking soda, and extract. Click on the link for the full recipe and directions: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:

10 thoughts on “How to: Coconut Oil Toothpaste

  • kelapococonut

    I recommend storing in a small plastic container with a lid.? Also, it’s best kept at room temperature.

  • espblueman01

    I tried it and it turned out great! Thanks Kelapo! Just? something I’ve noticed, it seems to make that freshly brushed feeling last longer. 🙂

  • kelapococonut

    We made this about a week ago and Lani is still using it with no problem in her home! Baking soda is typically good for a while, if stored in an airtight container, like Lani is doing at home. I hope this? helps!

  • Errol246

    I posted this same question on a similar video: Is baking soda safe enough to apply onto your teeth everyday? I’ve? heard that it should be quite harsh. Some people use it once a week (although in these cases the mixture was baking soda and lemon/lime juice, which is an acidic liquid) as a natural tooth bleacher. If it’s not safe enough, then how can I make sure I get the benefits of coconut oil on my teeth everyday?

  • kelapococonut

    If you are worried about using baking soda on your teeth every day you can do an “oil pulling” with the coconut oil. Oil pulling is gargling and swishing oil around in your mouth, just as? you would a mouthwash, to clean your gums and teeth.

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