How To Cook Coconut Rice using canned coconut milk

How to cook coconut rice using canned coconut milk as opposed to the traditional way of using actual coconuts. With uncle bens rice, green peppers, tomatoes, all blended.

25 thoughts on “How To Cook Coconut Rice using canned coconut milk

  • evelyn2463

    please don’t i need to add other ingredients like maggi, curry n thyme powder?…cos i dint c u add..also its like i don’t need any oil? as well..pls i’ll love to prepare it, so i need answers pls..thnks

  • WeEatAfrican

    Well adding more spices means different flavors, i have seen curry being added to coconut rice it just gives it a different taste (of course this depends on the amount). But to keep the full flavor of the coconut I do not add curry.
    I also would advise against adding thyme it interferes with the taste (my opinion).
    Of course i like to cook as healthy as I can, i do? not think adding oil is necessary, of course if you would like you can add a table spoon of oil to avoid it clumping.

  • WeEatAfrican

    Thank you all for your comments. More? videos will be uploaded soon. Thanks you all for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can be notified of new videos.

  • WeEatAfrican

    Yeah i washed the rice several times with warm water (until the water is no longer cloudy) before cooking it.?

  • erosamuk

    looks lovely!

    while i couldn’t eat spicy on a regular basis, i’d definitely enjoy this rice dish for a special occasion.

    wish you had shown it plated up, and given some? suggestions for what to serve with it.


  • WeEatAfrican

    Well i could do more research and find out more places,? but you can find them in most African food stores (Major cities in the US & Europe tend to have at least 1 African store), or some times Caribbean food stores, and in some rare instances Asian food stores.

  • ILoveToScrub

    OK I’m in NYC and some of everythign is in NYC so I’m sure I’ll find some sooner or later. ? Or maybe I’ll find some on line too. 🙂

  • WeEatAfrican

    I looks that way because it still had a lot of moisture in it,? besides i used coconut “milk”, rice tends to look that way when you cook it with thick and creamy milk.

  • DJLunasf

    Thank you for this vid. I’m puerto rican and make this all the time but i use Goya canned coconut milk. Guess it’s? a “Nuyorican” thing, lol. I don’t care, it tastes good either way. Canned stuff saves time. I mean, unless you’re Gordon Ramsay, who cares right? lol.

  • WeEatAfrican

    We bought Parboiled rice and washed it before we started? cooking the dish. Some people think its over-kill, but its something i grew up seeing & doing.

  • WeEatAfrican

    Its because we are using coconut milk not? coconut water, and you should not let the coconut milk boil, if not the milk starts breaking down way before you start the dish.

  • CayceFoodsInc

    you can probably go to the african grocery store in smyrna, ga to? get the ingredients. it is off of roswell st.

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