How to cook Nigerian Coconut Rice Learn how to cook Nigerian Coconut Rice with fresh coconut milk. The Nigerian Coconut Rice looks exactly like the Nigerian Jollof Rice but there are two ways to tell them apart: Smell If you cook your Coconut Rice with natural Coconut Milk you extracted yourself, your Coconut Rice will have a very strong coconut aroma. But if you use the tinned coconut milk, it may not have such a strong aroma. This is because the tinned coconut milk may have been extracted from immature coconuts. Taste Coconut Rice has a taste to die for which it gets from the coconut milk. This flavour is what sets Coconut Rice apart from Jollof Rice. Before you cook your Coconut Rice please do the following: 1. Prepare your Nigerian Tomato Stew for Jollof Rice recipes: 2. Extract the coconut milk. Please do not use tinned coconut milk if you want your coconut rice to be special 3. Season, cook and grill your chicken 4. Parboil your long grain rice to make it fit for cooking Coconut Rice. If you do not parboil the long grain rice, your Coconut Rice will not be done and it will burn! Ingredients used in the video: 1 head of coconut with which I made 600mls of coconut milk (20 oz) Long Grain Rice — 1 Kg (2.2 pounds) This rice served 8 people 1 whole chicken cut to pieces 1 small bowl of Tomato Stew How much heat do you need when cooking the Coconut Rice? Once you add the parboiled rice, lower the heat to low. My

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    very good question and observation 🙂 Yes! it depends on a few things (1)The type of rice you use, it must be the long grain hard rice (2)You must parboil the rice if not it will not absorb the oily water and will burn because of the excess starch (3)The heat must be turned down to very low: This gives the rice time to absorb the water? so it won’t be soggy – click the “show more” under the video to see more info about the heat you should set once you add the parboiled rice.

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    Maxed out the comment area above 🙂 (4)The type of pot you use, always use stainless steel or aluminum pots for cooking Jollof, Coconut Rice … any rice you add ingredients to. Non-stick pot is a no-no cos it will not? dry the rice steadily and quickly hence it will become soggy (5)The amount of tomato stew you add: If you add more tomato stew than necessary, then the only liquid in the rice will be oil which the rice cannot absorb. add a small qty when cooking then add more and stir when done.

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    yes! i’m moving in tomorrow..already packed my bags kuz? the whole next week is my school holiday lol

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    Gurrrrrrl u r too much! By the way if you don’t mind me asking , where do you live? Thank you so much for doing this , this must require a? lot of time and effort . Am a pretty good cook myself 🙂 LOL but looking to add some new dishes- am excited!

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    You are welcome dear. It does dear but knowing that the videos will help people keeps me going 🙂 Ahhh you’re asking where I live so you can come and hang out with me in the kitchen, right? :DDD You are welcome anytime dear. I live in Spain; you’ve not been to my channel??

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    I made this over the weekend and everyone loved it! Thanks for taking out the time to do these YT videos. I want to learn how? to cook more nigerian dishes and your videos are very helpful. Imela 🙂 Oh, and btw can you do a video on Banga soup?

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    You are welcome dear. mmh …? I really can’t make the Banga stew video now because I can’t buy palm fruits where I live but there’s a detailed recipe with pictures on how to prepare it on my website. Will send you the link.

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    this is a? wonderful job. pls keep it up so people like me will learn how to keep a home. though not too bad a cook.

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    Coconut rice or edesi-isip is from my place,Calabar. It’s our traditional dish served at functions. We don’t use tomatoes at all, nor chicken or beef, but goat meat,dried fish and sometimes fresh fish. I’ve never seen it or heard of it cooked this? way

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    But you just saw one! LOL When it comes to food, don’t lock yourself into a tight corner dear so that you can enjoy all the pleasures of the world. With food there’s no right or wrong way of preparing a recipe, as long as it is delicious. If you see a new method, try it? cos it may make you happy :DD

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    Aaah Bless you sister! And keep up with your Fab tutorials,because we need more demos like? yours!:-)

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    LOL Thanks sis, bless you too 🙂 I encourage you to start sharing those yummilicious calabar recipes with us especially the soup recipes? <3

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