How to Cut Open A Young Coconut- Coconut Water Health Benefits

Coconut water is natures natural sports drink. With more potassium then a banana, and more electrolytes then your average sports drink, coconut water is increasingly becoming more popular

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    25 thoughts on “How to Cut Open A Young Coconut- Coconut Water Health Benefits


      dude thank you so much for this. and keep making videos like this because im a health freak and i love learning this stuff.

    • MrAndrewNorth

      Strengtproject, i live in a small country of south america above brasil. Called Surinam and i see like coconuts everyday if look out of my window i can see three coconuts three from my neighbour. Never really thought that day were that usefull thankyou for your video 🙂

    • kalja20

      Thank you for teaching me how to cut a coconut! You have any books or other guides for cocout cutting?


      You should make your own drink brand.
      “StrengthProject(or projectstrangth) Sports Drink” i will buy it ever time i work out. . honestly you should do it?

    • farooqsai

      I’m in Thailand and I drink coconut everyday after my basketball training it cost 15 bath (about 0.5 $ )for 1 coconut and Merchant don’t need to open that hard.. I don’t know how but he always open it very fast and easy…

      Note:when you open coconut don’t let your knife touch coconut’s water it will change it’s taste from Fresh,sweet to sour

      sorry for my english..

    • kwstaras

      @HONORGUARD308 You just dont learn do you lol??? The guy is trying to convince you to drink natural fruit juices u make yourself and you r looking for another freakin product to buy??


      @kwstaras ooo sorry at lest i was not being rude about it. and no im not looking for another product to buy, protein drinks and others alike are prohibited in my line of work. and if i was after something to buy who cares my money and i can do what i want with it. also what i got out of this was info about “natural sports drink” not some subliminal secondary meanning

      You should learn some manners too.

    • thanya120

      when i went to India i went to this stand where they were selling coconut milk they got the top off in like 2 seconds lol

    • shadowdragon555

      “Don’t treat yourself like shit or else you’ll feel like doo doo” LMAO!!

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