How to extract cannabis oil using coconut oil.

Cannabinoids dissolve poorly in water. The vegetable fat of the coconut makes it a lot easier.

I use a set of “Bain Marie” pans.Cannabis-CoconutOil-cooking-in-bain-marie

That’s two pans that fit into each other. The bottom pan; only gets water. In the top one; I melt 200 grams of coconut oil and add 20 grams of decarboxylated weed.

Leave it at a simmer for 5 to 8 hours. The temperature of the oil will never exceed 100 degrees Celcius.Cannabis-CoconutOil-cooking-in-bain-marie-details

Filter it by pouring through a piece of cheese cloth into a glass jar. Stored in the fridge, the light green oil will solidifies.

Use internally by mixing it with your food, externally on skin.


Liquid CannabisCoconutOil


Solidified CannabisCoconutOil