How to Extract Coconut Milk Extracting Coconut Milk for the Nigerian Coconut Rice recipe is as simple as ABC so you can do it in your own kitchen. Once you learn how to make your own coconut milk, you’ll never buy the tinned tasteless coconut milk again 🙂 What you’ll need: – 1 head of coconut – Warm water – A hammer or any blunt tool for breaking the coconut – A knife for prying out the coconut meat from the shell – A good blender that can blend the coconut meat well enough to extract the coconut milk. – Two sieves (a normal and a fine sieve) – Pots and bowls Notes: 1. Coconut milk extracted from a head of coconut will usually be enough to cook coconut rice for 8 people. So to cook for about 4 people, just store half of the coconut milk in the freezer and it will be as good as new for a long time. This may surprise you but with freshly extracted coconut milk, you do not need a lot to get your coconut rice to have the coconut flavour, unlike tinned coconut milk. 2. Use as little water as possible when extracting your coconut milk especially if you will use it to cook coconut rice. This is so that your coconut rice will not be soggy. Remember that you will also get some liquid from your chicken stock and tomato stew that you will use to cook the rice. So keep the water to a minimum when extracting coconut milk. 3. It is not necessary to peel off the brown bark of the coconut meat before blending the coconut. Some people think that the brown bark will colour the coconut milk

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    aahhh, coming soon 🙂 You can see? a list of soon-to-be uploaded videos on my channel

  • NigerianFoodRecipes

    Yea that blender is a? hardworker but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to blend coconut meat when you do this, especially if you cut them into small pieces 🙂

  • Kabarile31

    I subscribed to your channel. You are very hardworking and let nothing go to waste. My mother and grandmother taught me? never to take the easy route in the kitchen.

  • NigerianFoodRecipes

    Welcome to my channel dear 🙂 That’s the best cooking advice you can get from anybody.? No shortcuts in the kitchen else the taste will be compromised 😀

  • AutoBotcity1978

    I just started to drink? coconut water again and I want to start giving the water or even the milk to my 2 year old daughter.

    Also my wife’s grandmother makes an icee called limbe and she used the canned coconut milk but now that I saw this video I can make the pure milk for her.

    Do you use the coconut water when making the milk??

  • NigerianFoodRecipes

    Yay! natural is the way to go! No I don’t use the water because I like to drink it and it’s not like adding it? will add much to the richness of the milk. 🙂

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    The coconut milk has the taste of diluted coconut (if there’s anything like that) but we don’t drink it, we use it to cook the? delicious coconut rice.

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