How To Extract Coconut Oil

Video I created for for Dixie Lincoln-Nichols, Founder and President of Dixie Bits, which is “a gorgeous and eco-friendly line of beauty product.” In this video, you will learn how to extract coconut oil from a coconut on a stovetop. It was entirely shot with a Canon 7D, Canon 50mm 1.8. For audio, I used the Zoom H4n + a Sony wireless lav mic (UWP-P1). Note that we used natural light for this, and NO color grading was made!. Please, click on these links to learn more about Dixie Bits.

24 thoughts on “How To Extract Coconut Oil

  • mumpump

    excellent!! I’ve just made my first batch of coconut oil soap using ready made (expensive) oil, so I will now make my? own coconut oil for the next batch! Thankyou!

  • elbeboboys chicali

    good video, but grandmother she was? not so happy at the end,,when you kiss her,,,,shes like…wethever….,,so i have a cuestion ?? that oil can use in body skin,hair,,,abaut in cocking, salad,,,,so one full coconut + all the work+ duty dishes = just like 4 oz , of oil,,,hum,,,,i wonder how much that cost @ the store and make some compair,,,whats your personal opinion?,,,hello from boise,idaho

  • Shelly ann abrahams

    wow this is really good thank u , We Jamaicans normally does this sort of? stuff ,my grandma is not around to teach me so i say big up to ur grandma for showing me how to

  • Derilaan

    I tried to watch this video because it seemed very informative, but the camera was so shaky and focused in and out so repeatedly, just as it would focus on something, the camera-person would pan to something else and it? would be fuzzy again. My advice would be to use a wide shot on one camera of the kitchen, the host and the guest, so when she is explaining general things show that shot. Then have a second camera on a tripod or someone with a steady hand to show the bowls, blender etc.

  • danthadon87

    Seriously? Ok but only because the granny’s cute. Tell the girl to get an omega 8003 to process it than place? it in the oven at the lowest temp until most of its golden or better yet get a dehydrator for a better quality raw product and than run it through the omega 8003 and tada you’ve got clear white oil the way every pro company sells it.

  • Robert Bair

    I agree, a tripod would help. Overall though, the video is great. Super informative and nicely done. Good job. ?

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