How To Get Long Shiny Healthy Hair With Coconut Oil! My Haircare Routine!

Look here for the goods!? For more information on the benefits of coconut oil and avocado oil for hair, please see the …

25 thoughts on “How To Get Long Shiny Healthy Hair With Coconut Oil! My Haircare Routine!

  • Karen Bcz

    Wow!! Haven’t seen one of your videos in a? while. That BLACK HAIR LQQKS FANTASTIC!
    BTW, since you dye your hair a lot, can you please advise – which one has best gray coverage?

  • Karen Bcz

    I have GRAY hair too, and one problem I’ve encountered is using OIL for conditioners. Altho’ oil is my conditioner of choice, the oil seems to remove the dye from my hair.
    That is a huge problem for me since? I hate gray hair.
    Can you recommend a dye that STAYS in & covers gray?

  • LetitiaLaura

    I use this hair color called “SPLAT.” I buy the? jet black color and it is great!

  • Rosas Grady

    I nearly squealed because I have the exact same avocado oil!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Got it from my? natural foods store. Thank you for the tutorial!

  • LetitiaLaura

    Yay!! I really like it a lot. I also use it on my face as? well. Your welcome hun:)

  • Nathalie Savoie

    I love you video! Do you think that nutiva coconut oil would be just as good as(Barlean’s)? coconut oil??

  • LetitiaLaura

    As long as it pure and 100% coconut oil? it should be ok. Make sure it has a coconut scent as well.

  • Qmac1482

    Just a suggestion. STOP blowdrying your hair like that! Purchase a vented paddle brush (the one you used to brush it out) you take that brush and dry it in the direction of where your lentgh falls and get close to the follicles. Go through it slower on medium heat. You will get the MAX result s with that treatnent and even more shine and less blowdry time?

  • LetitiaLaura

    Thanks so much for the tips! I appreciate it girl! I hardly blow dry my? hair, but when I do, I will definitely do that:)

  • Supraja Sivaramakrish

    Can you apply a bit of? coconut oil in your hair after washing it because it makes my hair have moisture. My hair feels really dry without coconut oil.

  • LetitiaLaura

    I wouldn’t recommend it as a leave in conditioner, especially if you live somewhere cold because it solidifies in the? cold. Your hair will get crunchy.

  • LetitiaLaura

    Nope, its music? from iMovie. Majority of us youtubers use iMovie music. Thanks for watching:)

  • Zyra Kee

    Hello, is it ok to apply this mix after I take? a bath? Thanks! Very informative video. Really helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Amanda Brower

    wow my hair is going? to look amazing people are gonna be like wow! I got the oil in right now cant wait for the hour to pass

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