How to Make Coconut Milk and Remove the Meat from a Mature Coco Nut

John from demonstrates the all-new stainless steel coconut demeating tool that is now available for sale. After watching this video, you will learn the easiest way to remove mature coconut meat out of white or brown coconuts. You will also see how easy it is to make fresh coconut milk.

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    10 thoughts on “How to Make Coconut Milk and Remove the Meat from a Mature Coco Nut

    • faylinameir

      1:38 who was that? Is that your wife? shes pretty =)
      these type of demeating tools are pricey, yes, BUT they make it so easy. If you eat a lot of coconuts its definately worth it.

    • amirprog

      john, is it possible to make coconut cream or butter in the vitamix also? or is it a job for green star elite? (i have both) wouldnt milk better to make in the green star? (it would be harder to clean that for sure).
      nice vid, thx.

    • katraju

      John, I bought the wooden one from you and the blade came out of the handle on the 1st use. Any way to fix it tight?
      What does this new one cost?

    • okraw

      The last “batch” of wooden ones imported from Asia were defective, and the quality of those tools went down. The new tools (as shown in this video) are Made in the USA, and of MUCH higher quality. I will replace the defective tool that you previously purchased from me. Please send back all the parts, and I will ship you a replacement.

    • okraw

      You can make the coconut cream and butter in the Green Star Elite. You can use the GSE instead of a nut milk bag to extract the milk. Its easier, and a bit more efficient. But most people dont have all the fancy equipment..

    • amirprog

      @okraw thx for the reply john! 🙂 i appreciate it. yeah, i replaced my brevile “high end” blender for vitamix and its so much better, but also cost twice as much lol, but sure worth it, that is, if you got the money… like i need to tell you hehe. i learned ALOT for your blenders and juicer reviews, i thank you for them too! i sure will buy this demeating tool when coconut is imported again next season… and its only mature, oh well, maybe you send me few young coconuts? greetings from Israel

    • pinetree909

      John, what can be used to tap the cocos instead of a cleaver? I don’t have one. Also, do you know anyone who would ship organic coconuts cross country (NJ) for reasonable cost? What do you use to put the holes in? I’m using a screwdriver but not sure it’s stainless…

    • Jasonian

      I stabbed myself in the web between my thumb and forefiner demeating a mature coconut with a butterknife. That’s scar #2 from the same task (but a different time). I sure hope this tool makes it a bit less dangerous. 😉

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