• 1krzypraz

    Girl, I have like 5 cans in my pantry now. I can’t wait to try this..LOL. I
    also have some coconut milk powder that I will have to come up with a
    concoction for.

  • victoria0402

    @CITYGIRLW – Yes, it works and you can get the Aloe Vera Gel at Iherb.com,
    they have all sorts of oils that you can purchase. The price is right too.

  • LuvsTheNaturalme

    wow i’d really love to try to make my own coconut deep conditioner
    treatment..thanks for sharing with us…

  • victoria0402

    @LuvsTheNaturalme – Yes, exactly! You can add whatever you want in the
    coconut milk. This has been working for me and I been doing this treatment
    for the last 3 month’s and I have noticed a difference in my hair. My puff
    is bigger now. Your welcome.

  • victoria0402

    @SimplyZeal – Lol, too fuuny! yes, this seems to be working great on both
    my hair and daughters hair. Try it, you never know you might like it.

  • Belle LaCole

    I love coconut milk and oil.. I use them all the time.. Has my hair feeling
    too good.. I also use the coconut oil in my protein treatments too.. (^_^)

  • victoria0402

    @Pevebra1 – Great question, Because it has lumps and it is easier to heat
    it up and add the other ingredients. I am not sure if you can use it right
    out the can, they might be a possibility. I did do some research and it was
    mentioned that the milk should be heated. Then again everyone have a choice
    and they can do what works for them. Thanks for watching.

  • 20pearlsNcurls

    This is a great idea to use coconut milk. I’m definitely gonna try it. I
    know this is off the subject but my mom had some glass cookware just like
    yours and I would LOVE to get my hands on a set. We dropped them all the
    time and the NEVER broke. LOL!!! Thanks for sharing this info.

  • victoria0402

    @20pearlsNcurls – Lmbo!! Too funny! I drop mines too and it really does not
    break. Yes, this is a great deep conditioner. Try it, you will love it.

  • Piggie Bonita

    we have the same glass pot. thought I was the only one. Where did you get
    it from? my granny gave me mine, but I have been looking all over for the
    whole set. They are the best and easy to clean

  • victoria0402

    Yes, it is hard to find. My mom gave it too me and she passed away. I have
    know idea where she purchased it.

  • victoria0402

    Yes, It is very nourishing because it has vitamins and other nutrients that
    your hair can benefit from. It is better to heat it up because it
    penetrates and helps to promote growth and it makes the hair healthy and
    most of all it will prevent hair loss. I only heat mines up in low heat for
    20 to 30mins. Other people might heat it up longer. I hope this was helpful
    and good luck to you if you do try it.

  • desiraw1

    I didn’t find part 2 either and that was after I subscribed and looked at
    the list til I got tired of looking.?

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