How To Make Coconut Oil In Your Home

I made this video to show you how easily you can make pure organic coconut oil right in your own home. All you need is patience and some time. This is a very…

19 thoughts on “How To Make Coconut Oil In Your Home

  • angel honey

    Wow …. How pure is the oil !!!!!? Do you guys sell the oil or for ur household purpose ? Please let me know if you are selling .. Thanks and very informative video

  • Deen K

    We are not selling the oil. I just made the video to show people? how to make their own pure coconut oil.

  • StAliChA

    hey!Wonderful job!Please..let? me know…How many coconuts did you use in order to get this quantity of essential oil??

  • Siew Wah

    thanks? for sharing the steps 😀 can i also ask if you use warm water or room temperature water to wash the coconut (to get milk)? thanks again!

  • ugsaer tawazun

    Awesome! Lately the world has recognized the health benefits of coconut oil, since it has been sold in health food stores obviously it is a little expensive. Also people are very particular about organic and pure oil without any additives or chemicals.? So your demonstration will help millions of folks out there as it did to me. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Deen K

    store it at room temperature.? If it gets cold, it will turn into a thick cream then it will be back to normal at room temperature.

  • SacchiMoto

    Thank you so much for sharing your video. I never realized it is this easy to make your own coconut oil. I will have to get together with friends? and make a large batch so that we can all share what you have taught here.
    Be well.

  • Priscilla Poonow

    Wow! That’s a lot of hard work? but it’s worth it. I will be trying this soon.

  • Minny Erva

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