How To Make Coconut Oil

This is a simple version of producing coconut oil. However the traditional way is done completely from scratch by first grating the coconut with a grinder minus the shell of course. The coconut is then transfer to heavy duty cheese cloth or diaper cotton cloth and placed on a presser if you happen to have one these lying around in your backyard somewhere. Then presser will extract the milk from the grated coconut and then left to sit to separate. After separation, oil will form on top separated from the milk. It then goes through several straining stage using a spoon to scoop the separated oil formed on top of milk. My version demonstrated here is done on a stove top. So enjoy. **Please note in my video with some typo error on demonstrate* and wire trainer* it’s wire “strainer.”:)

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    9 thoughts on “How To Make Coconut Oil

    • TheNoreligion

      thank for your video. I tried your rerepe because i live in a country where coconut oil can only be found in small amounts. However, coconut milk is sold in most supermarkets. I boutght the cans and made coconut oil. It works and it is wonderful!! Thank you so much for posting it!!

    • shakaama

      ok gonna try this. don’t have coconuts in our supermarket, but we do have the milk at the mexican stores.

    • gladeemarie

      @pasuraghavan I’m not a Sir by the way. But to answer your question, while over heat, this will naturally be the process. It’ll be best to use a pot with a handle so can tilt the pot at an angle to separate the coconut fat (which is white) from the actual oil. Hope I answer your question. Thanks for watching.

    • pasuraghavan

      namaste ma. thanks for ur kind reply. my questoin is do we mix anything to ferment (or) before heating in the coconut milk. how to seperate oil from the coconut milk without heating?
      thank u v much ma.

    • gladeemarie

      @pasuraghavan It seems what you are referring to is a cold press method, which I am familiar with but you will need a machine presser to extract oil from the coconut. My method shown is basically a hot press method to some degree. But I think you should be able to find some video on this process on YouTube somewhere.

    • pasuraghavan

      thanks ma. if u r familier with cold press method kindly guide me completely. in my villege about 50000 coconut trees are there not getting proper price for the nuts. hence we need this home made virgin coconut oil (cold pressed) technique. that alone solve the problems of thousands of farmers in our districts..kindly do ur best by sharing complete technology. .
      thanks ma.

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