17 thoughts on “How to Make Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

  • Yenn H

    Thank you so much for the information, because I have been finding virgin
    coconut oil without heat for a while,and this is the amazing. I just
    ordered 5L from this factory. Thank you again.?

  • Rudy Camay

    hello maam, i like it so much. may i know if we can purchase the coco milk
    presser or extractor? Im from Philippines?

  • Medina Baghir

    I tried many times, and leaving the coconut milk aside I was getting cream
    on top and remaining was just milky water. There was no any oil in the
    middle. But when boiled the cream then I got the oil, of course not virgin.?

  • Maria Fernandes

    Hello, I tried the process shown here in the video at home with a small
    amount and the coconut milk only separate into the water and cream. What am
    I doing wrong? I am not seeing the three layers as shown here. I live in
    Trinidad and usually the room temperature is about 26°C to 30°C. ?

  • Jean Wang

    What is the reason why they cook the oil? They said if there is any trace
    of water in the oil it can spoil it so that’s why they cooked it.?

  • Laurencio R

    Btw, i would love to purchase this great product from this producer, does
    he have a mail order process?? ?

  • Dagrou Ore

    Thanks for your reports. I would like to know how to make VCO. I don’t mind
    traveling but are they willing to give me training in VCO production.I just
    sent an email to Sakayaautomate to enquiry about coconut processing

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