How to make dairy-free whipped cream from coconut milk

For those of us who are lactose intolerant or choose to live dairy-free (Paleo/Primal), this is a great way to still get a creamy texture in healthy recipes….

25 thoughts on “How to make dairy-free whipped cream from coconut milk

  • Q U E E N I E U N I V e R Sa L

    “Wow wow wow wow wow thank you? for sharing your Vegan’s receipes.

  • gwen guilbe

    I have a question. I make dairy butter from cow heavy cream. could I make butter from heavy cream coconut milk? Because I know how to make “coconut butter” with raw coconut. Never make coconut heavy cream. Can I make it any other way, I mean separate the coconut milk a different way with the? coconut instead of can…?

  • CatrinaisHungry

    It makes it a little runny sometimes if you use all of it.You can always add it in later if it’s too thick, but you can’t take it out? if it’s too runny. Thanks for your question!

  • CatrinaisHungry

    I’m not sure but I? hope you will come back and let me know if you figure it out! Thanks. 🙂

  • CatrinaisHungry

    I’m not real sure, it might break down if left out? on a counter, etc.. But maybe try some cupcakes with it and let me know! 🙂

  • Athena Smith

    it takes all day for it to chill in the fridge and only 30-45 min in the freezer 😀

    I find that after mixing it with an electric mixer, the coconut cream isn’t cold anymore and gets runny easily but if you start off with a frozen product, it stays cold and doesn’t get? too runny (you just have to cut it into smaller pieces with a butter knife first)

  • Andy Morris

    why does no one use coconut cream? is coconut milk better somehow? seems to me if we started with coconut cream instead? of milk we might not even have to do the first step. have you ever tried it?

  • ketty cat

    can you use something to make it? thick and stable ( if that the right word ) like a little bit of corn starch or something like that ? please answer

  • Nicholas Plazio Jr

    Thank god, i was? getting tired of giving thumbs down to every healthy food recipe video. Exceptional work.

  • WINorLOSE86

    I just tried this today. I ended up throwing it away. I think it may have had to do with the type of milk I used. (Didn’t know if that made the BIG difference). I didn’t notice until I took the? cans out of the fridge to begin the recipe that one can was “Lite” and one can was “unsweetened”. They barely solidified &when I beat them, it was very watery, not creamy/thick at all. I decided to give it a taste anyway with my finger and, yeah, definitely disappointing. Any advice? Thanks

  • Toni Harwood

    i tried this tonite,it didnt work it was all watery. i used thai kitchen unsweetned coconut milk left in frig over nite, it was not thick at all. is there a certain brand i should? be using. i was very disappointed. what did i do wrong 🙁

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