5 thoughts on “How to Make Homemade Coconut Milk

  • mantradarling

    Greetings and Thank you primitive mommy! Just a few questions:Where did? you get your blendtec blender? Is it a “vitamix blender” type of design? What was the cost? Just wondering because I would like to purchase a new blender and only know about the Vitamix which is costly ,but worth worth it. May the Divine continue to bless your hand that had? made such beauty. Namaste.

  • scarlettskies100

    just found your link on facebook…i applaud what you are doing for your family…as a mother of a 28 and 15 year old who was joked at for giving my baby 28 years ago fennel juice and only giving homecooked food that i used to prepare and freeze in ice cube trays when weaning…i take my hat of to you…you are right we are mammals..our children are precious to US and? not others…unfortunately… keep them close and love and nurture them… Blessings in abundance to you and yours

  • mirandarose822

    This is exactly how we make ours… using cheese cloth instead of a nut milk bag :)? Love it!

  • Sierra Schaffer

    Do you make your own dried coconut, or used store bought organic dried coconut? I have available at a health food store organic dried, full fat ( not the defatted icky stuff in a supermarket ) coconut, do you thinkt his would work for this?

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