How to open a coconut – cooking tutorial

Opening a coconut is not a mission impossible… essential are a hammer, a screwdriver and a corkscrew! Let’s see how to do on the cooking tutorial by Yellowsaffron. *** Opening a coconut is not a mission impossible, essential for being able to taste a bit of summer is a hammer, a screwdriver and a corkscrew. Let’s see how to do. To tell if a coconut is good, weigh it in your hand and shake, if it’s fresh you’ll hear the sound of water inside. Pierce the eyes on top of the coconut with a sharp object, a corkscrew for example. If you can’t make a hole, try with a screwdriver and a hammer. Take a glass and pour in the water coming out of the coconut. To use it as a drink, strain it first. Hit the coconut hard with a hammer to crack it open, repeat the operation to reduce the shell into smaller pieces. Use the knife as a lever to separate the meat from the shell. Wash the coconut and taste it. To store it for a few days, cover with its own water and keep in the fridge. To make shredded coconut or coconut milk, scrape away the thin dark skin with a vegetable peeler. Grate the meat. Put in a bowl and cover with boiling water, mix well and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. Strain the meat through a cheesecloth to extract the coconut milk, that you can use to flavor cakes, ice creams and exotic dishes.

24 thoughts on “How to open a coconut – cooking tutorial

  • Charitha Gunathilake

    OMG … wt r u doing u young lady i can’t stop laughing…, this is horrible. u? have to come to Sri Lanka and ask any one how to open coconut they will teach u. cos normal sri lanakn family need 1 coconut per day for cooking curries

  • Charitha Gunathilake

    if you really need to know how to open and use coconut
    youtube search for “The Use of Coconut? in Sri Lanka”

  • GirtopolisArashiki

    I can see this now…Me: mom, is dad’s tool box still in the garage? Mom: I believe so, are you finally going to fix that cabinet in your bathroom? 🙂 Me: …no I’m opening a coconut… Mom: ….. Me: …… (yeah i’ll pass on this one)?

  • TaiSchenker

    My apartment building has 4 floors: basement, ground, 1st and 2nd. Up the middle of? the building is a lightwell with windows all around. I live on the 1st floor, so to open my coconut after emptying it, I tied it in a bag and dropped it out a window to the basement floor.
    Your idea is so much better. I’ll be sure to try it next time!

  • himakgam

    Did she make a couple of holes in the coconut?? That’s retarded. No wonder she used a screw driver and a hammer. Only one hole out of three is soft and easily distinguishable. A cork will handle it effortlessly. That’s all you? need to get the juice out.

  • Saphiros Dragonthera

    if the coconut’s water is brown, is not good. also there is a fastest way to open it… one of the three holes if you press it, it makes a? hole easy, have your thumb pressing this hole and then hit it on a hard surface. the coconut will break much easier.

  • mrgoki27

    the only thing which is actually hurting is ‘p r o c e s s e d’
    so hmm.. i will use the tools? 😉

  • bammbamm12

    That is actually the? inside of a coconut – they don’t look that way on the tree – you ought to try getting *that* open!

  • bala T

    why r u guys going nuts to break a coconut, jus place the coconut in the refrigerator for 20 mins ( or put it in a hot water for 5 mins)…. then take the coconut and break it, u will find the shell separated from the coconut…?

  • Ottexr

    There definitely must be a way. All of these methods are weird dancings against its essence. Hitting takes long and is too noisy! You’ll wanna gerare house. Juice flows very slowly (minutes…. and need to shake). Piercing it and knife-peeling is too laborously. Knifes bend. And don’t forget that in the end we get a not such tasty thing. It’s hard like carrot. What the hell is it hiding? from us? It doesn’t want to be eaten.

  • Ottexr

    Finitely ‘ll want to try? this. Otherwise i unknow how in movies they pretend that it can be just turned off half ofrom half.

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