How to Open a Thai Young Coconut with a Knife

Chef Steffy Sue of shows how to open a coconut with a knife while explaining a few of the health benefits of this luscious, creamy fruit!

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    27 thoughts on “How to Open a Thai Young Coconut with a Knife

    • thatoneguyonline

      I just posted a video response with my young coconut video because I use the technique you do. Thanks for the INFO! It’s A LOT easier now.

    • ExoticSuperfoods

      Buy Organic Young Coconuts!! Never sprayed or treated. Forget about those pesticide ridden coconuts.

    • SteffySue

      Where?? I live in the Bay Area, in Berkeley, and I can’t find them anywhere. I would love to!

    • ExoticSuperfoods

      I get them flown in from Thailand right to JFK here in Fresh Meadows NY (718)353-4807 on the west coast there should be more places to get them. I’ll try to find out for you

    • al58891al

      you can also drink coconut water to stabilize your blood preassure, doesn’t matter if you have high or low preassure 😀

    • CocoJoesCoconuts

      Very good video! Also if you like to hues the husk for things that is a great way to seperate the husk from the coconut.

      Didi you know that Once exposed to air, coconut water rapidly loses most of its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics?

      More info on coconuts at our website. awealthysoul com

      We sell them and ship them nationwide call to order 407 353 8388


      Coco Joe

    • LuckyIrishGirl08

      Question: I got some young Thai coconuts last night and opened one of them and the water was clear but it had a sweet yet pungent taste to it. and the meat wasn’t white but more of a light grayish color. what exactly does a fresh young coconut look like

    • JackNeedles

      A fresh young coconut should have clear water and the meat should be white, but soft. The water and meat should taste a little sweet, not bitter or pungent.

    • oneluckypunkk

      Thanks for posting this~ so helpful was able to perfectly open my first one! Delicious and healthy.

    • CocoJoesCoconuts

      The coconut you are using is a Thi Coconut not an Organic Whole Coconuts. Thi Coconuts are NOT good because of they way they are grown packaged and shipped. They are grown using chemicals and insectisides, and they are dipped in framaldihyde after being cut, then they are dipped in wax and then shipped to the US. These checmicals get into the coconuts making them lose all of their nutritional value. Use ORGANIC coconuts next time. Good video though. Watch my video on how to open a coconut.

    • travelingvegetarian

      Great info, thanks! I had young coconuts every morning at Bonnaroo and it really helped me stay hydrated in the hot sun.

    • cristalboi

      hahaha that’s so awesome how you just cut all the meat at once, my jaw dropped because i find it so hard to do that.

    • saloneffects

      thank you, now I know the proper way to open it…so much easier than attacking it with a hammer and trying to drill into it

    • Leziii

      Thank you, I would’ve never opened this damn thing if not for this video 😛

      The inside of the coconut smells soooo amazing…

    • vijo2

      Thanks a lot. It resolved my problem. I but two coconut yesterday & i gone mad opening one of those. I looked into youtube and you as an Angel helped me out. I was not able to clearly listen the plastic device name to remove the creame inside so if you can please post the name so i can google and get it. Thanks

    • ilovetosing4u2

      wow! it looks so easy. i should have checked you out before putting the hammer on the coconut for the first time. it was a disaster. i felt like tom hanks in castaway! thanks also for the bit of info on the coconuts.

    • Ice Cream

      This is a good version of this dish. I am changing two things to this recipe. Drop the salt (soy sauce and salted black beans gives it enough saltiness), and add more chicken broth to 1/2 cup. I had black bean paste and it worked just fine in place of the salted black beans

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