How To Take Coconut Oil So It Tastes Good I learned about coconut oil 5 years ago and have had trouble supplementing with it daily. I hate the taste of it. But in this recipe the coconut oil tastes good. Coconut Oil Milk 0.5 cup of warm milk or (cream and water) 2 heaping teaspoons of Coconut Oil 1 teaspoon of Vanilla Stir and enjoy!

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    18 thoughts on “How To Take Coconut Oil So It Tastes Good

    • lowcarb4life

      Thank you very much for this, I will try it with my Hoods Calorie Count down low carb milk, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    • healthyfitmom

      My six year old daughter even loves taking Coconut Oil this way. I hope you like it!

    • lowcarb4life

      Oh my goodness, If I could give you a huge hug I would…this was unbelievably good, I ran out of my low carb milk so I used about a half cup heavy cream and a half cup water, microwaved it, then I put a teaspoon of sugar free mocha international coffees in it with about a tablespoon or so of the coconut oil…to die for, it was so yummy and easy to go down….now I wont have to struggle with eating it, thank you so much, this is something I can do 3 times a day easy…can I share this???

    • 4evasugarfree

      Tasts great.I used 1/2 cream,1/2 water 1/2 teaspn xylitol & teaspn vanilla.YUM.Will have every day now. THANKYOU

    • HomesteadProvocateur

      I mix it with creamed coconut, add some raspberry chocolate flavored stevia, some raw honey, ground up chia seeds and a bit of raw chocolate powder, carob powder for those who don’t like chocolate. Another way to make milk low-carb is to ferment it as in make kefir out of it. All the sugars will have been eaten by the microbes.

    • healthyfitmom

      I used to do something similar to this too with coconut, yogurt, vanilla, nuts and chia seeds.

      What brand is your raspberry chocolate flavoured stevia?

    • abcdfx123

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    • jesalba696

      im sorry but you take to long to get to the POINT!!!! just stop talking shit and get to the point!

    • owengoslin101

      just swallow it and down it with food or water, there are just some things that arent meant to be “enjoyed”

    • Firefly5105

      Great video and it was great to see your motherly love streaming through the camera. You make very interesting videos and I have subscribed:)

    • stockenblocken

      You need CARBS for your brain to function properly. You are obviously lacking them…

    • stockenblocken

      You need CARBS for your brain to function properly. You are obviously lacking them…

    • propheticcolours

      You got me thinking that maybe I could add this to my morning coffee creamer. Thanks for sharing!

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