How to use coconut oil: There are many uses for coconut oil!

? Look here for the goods!? There are so many different benefits you can get from coconut oil. I love using this stuff as a moisturizer, eye makeup remover, hair mask, in smoothies and it has many more uses. I hope you all enjoy this video and love coconut oil as much as I do! ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? What camera I use: Canon Vixia HFM4O HD What editing program I use: iMovie 11′ ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Let’s be friends!? Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on twitter: Check out my beautylish profile: Instagram: LetitiaLaura ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? FTC DISCLAIMER: I did purchase this product myself and this is my honest opinion. FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY; please don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail: KEYWORDS ———————– letitialaura how to use coconut oil Extra Virgin COCONUT OIL beauty skincare skin care organic all-natural cruelty-free whole foods routine regimen eye makeup remover tutorial hair mask conditioner treatment cream wrinkle prevention natural moisturizer anti-aging products cosmetics Indian secret nudelips Imani Health Beauty Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil for Skin Hair affordable benefits omega3 fatty acid

25 thoughts on “How to use coconut oil: There are many uses for coconut oil!

  • LetitiaLaura

    Oh wow I had no idea you could use? it to make soap! Awesome! See it has so many great uses! Thank you for watching and commenting!:)

  • LetitiaLaura

    You are the second person that has told me that they use this for their dogs. Amazing! I am so for this stuff and? yes I would do whatever Miranda Kerr says too! Lol.

  • Caateryna

    Yes yes yes and yes! Been using this for about a year and wished? I had started sooner! It’s my absolute fav makeup remover! I’ve been power using my stash of removers and it’s like torture I want to get rid of them and back on the oil! I too use this for my dog 🙂 its amazing how many natural items are better than their chemical counterparts! (tmi? But it’s also good for hemorrhoids!)

  • LetitiaLaura

    Oh wow I had no idea about the hemorrhoids! And your the 3rd person that told me they? give it to their dogs. I have had this oil now for weeks and its still full. It lasts forever!

  • MsEyeontheBall

    My dermatologist got? kinda mad when I told her I used this on my face. She said all it does is clog your pores lol. I was sad because I thought this was actually really helping my skin, but it has cleared up since I stopped using it by her command lol

  • LetitiaLaura

    It doesn’t work for everyone as I stated, but that’s weird because my dermatologist said it was fine and? it helped heal my burn that I got from my PMD. Glad your all cleared up:)

  • fashiondoll24

    any coconut oil works ?? or organic only. is organic more costly then other coconut oils? i will try this for sure. i want to get rid of tiny white spots ihave b eye area.

  • tonyasalo

    Thanks so much I have got to try this. I love any thing that can be used for more than one thing.? Your skin & hair look great. T

  • Evasmiley

    I bought this after I saw your video so have not been using it for that long so I was wondering if you refrigerate this like it suggests on the container. I have but it’s really hard to get the product out when I use it. Not sure if I should take it out of the fridge or? not.

  • LetitiaLaura

    Yes it is so suppose to be refrigerated because it? can spoil. I broke mine into little chunks or pieces so I could use it.

  • jennifert23

    After seeing your 1st vid on coconut oil I looked for it @ Trader Joe’s. They only had Organic Virgin – not extra virgin. I bought it and I really like it. This one doesn’t say to keep it in the fridge? – just a cool dry place. I moved it to the fridge when it was over 80 here. I use it as a moisturizer on my face and body. It also works as a chaffing cream. I will for sure get Extra Virgin next time to see if there is a difference.

  • PetiteMaria2003

    Finally after 3 weeks of using everyday the coconut oil from WM as a moisturizer day & night i can say that it is terrific and working very well for my combination skin. I love it my complexion is much better I got great feedback from people? asking what do I use on my face, i wish i knew the effect of coconut oil when I was pregnant! Love it and hope my hubby will love the smell too! He is coming back tomorrow night! Thanks dear for your great video!

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