[How to] Whipped Shea Butter, Raw Cocoa Butter& Coconut Oil Mixture for Natural Hair

Since I did the BIG CHOP and have naturally curly hair, I have started to develop a love for natural products. I used this mix for my 1st Style, the Finger Twist :bit.ly ; www.twitter.com Now I make, sell and teach others how to make a mix! Consider ordering your natural products from me bit.ly

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    16 thoughts on “[How to] Whipped Shea Butter, Raw Cocoa Butter& Coconut Oil Mixture for Natural Hair

    • NappyNFree

      I love cocoa butter too! I use it in my shea butter mixes and I like how it mixes with shea butter. Nice video….simple and to the point! 🙂


      @ari1129 The Health Food Store and the shea is from the Flea Market, yet you can purchase it online for the same price.

    • latoyae06

      That was pretty, your twists look great! Maybe I need to get me some of that cocoa butter and coconut oil. Great video.

    • jazzyjthefrshprncss

      not to throw shade on your mix, but when you microwave butters you loose their properties, perhaps you would like to try a double boiler type method. just a tip

    • siriuslysaucy422

      I love your video! You look beautiful. Thanks for your help with the shea butter mix!

    • rebarenee7

      Sweet! I love the way the mixtures feel after whipping. maybe I need to use more than one sented oil because i used the lemon sent and i cant smell it after putting a lot of drop in it . How was the orange sent? I really want to get rid of the shea butter sent. I used Tea Tree oil but I want a better sent than that. B.)


      @rebarenee7 YEA! I’m glad you like it! I”m actually selling a mixture similar to this at the flea market! I can not stand the Tea Tree Oil smell….If you want a stronger scent, you’ll need to add at least 20 drops. Way to go!


      @jazzyjthefrshprncss You’re right. I no longer microwave. I just put it out on the patio. Thanks!


      Since I did my BIG CHOP, my hair has grown over 6 inches in less than 10 months! I started my own business selling and TEACHING others how to make the mix in my city. Consider ordering all your products from me 🙂 Look in the comment box. Thanks!

    • KaranfiLL88

      Nice video!
      I have a question:
      Do you have to put it into the freezer? I mean can you also whip the mix without first freezing it?
      Can you also just use the unwhipped from (the yellow liquid) directly in your hair?

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