How We Discovered Virgin Coconut Oil – An Interview with Brian Shilhavy, CEO Tropical Traditions

In this interview Brian Shilhavy explains how he and his wife, Marianita, discovered Virgin Coconut Oil during the years they lived on Mt. Banahaw in the Philippines. They were the first ones to export Virgin Coconut Oil from the Philippines to the US. He explains how their Gold Label brand is still made the traditional way by hand, is certified organic, and has been tested to contain the highest amounts of antioxidants among all other brands of virgin coconut oil in the Philippines.

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    25 thoughts on “How We Discovered Virgin Coconut Oil – An Interview with Brian Shilhavy, CEO Tropical Traditions

    • kentishldy

      I’ve been using this oil for years now and there is nothing else that comes close to it in my opinion – it has such a lovely fresh coconut smell and taste. Really enjoyed seeing the video of how it was made. It’s rare these days to find such a good handmade artisan product generally available. Thank you for making such a natural product available – keep up the good work Brian…

    • DarkSpawn06

      I don’t know what to say ,but the thing I can say is God bless you for this video this is what I want Thank so much.

    • princesspotpot

      I’ve been using this coconut oil since I was 4 years old for my hair. Because my hair was thin and now I am 43 years old my hair is so thick. I donated many times my hair still thick. thanks to the coconut oil

    • TheresNoTimeLikeNow

      Yes, Absolutely. I’ve used it on everything from eggs to toast or potatoes, it makes great fudge with organic cacao & organic agave syrup or stevia plant natural sweetner. It cleans out your heart & arteries, it removes goo & gum like price stickers, it is great for your face, kills parasites, has the highest flash point of all oils, is great for you even cures ring worm & ezema, a real miracle substance that is yummy, organic, healthy, useful, long lasting, pure, maintains its integrity.

    • ladyrazz

      coconut oil is really good for the hair too. Use it as a conditioner and it will make your hair really shiny. If you are going to use it in food try using it with adobo. Someone i knew made it with adobo and it tasted really good. The real natural coconut oil will freeze when its cold and oily when its hot.


      coconut oil is the best oil to cook with.polyunsaturated fats, which include common vegetable oils such as corn, soy, safflower, sunflower and canola, are absolutely the worst oils.These omega-6 oils are highly susceptible to heat damage because of all the double bonds they have. There is only one oil that is stable enough to resist heat-induced damage and is coconut oil. Just dont over use it 😉

    • itlandmark

      Excellent products, ever since I have been on this website, I started using variety of products apart from just virgin coconut oil..keep it going guys

    • Noveechops59

      Some good stuff! The raw honey is excellent too! Very professional
      with their packing. Excellent
      customer service a great company.

    • VickyVue

      I just ordered both the coconut oil and the coconut hair treatment, I wear my hair natural and can’t wait to see the results I’ll get from using the coconut hair treatment.

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