I Challenge You! (Coconut Oil Challenge)

Read details on products and the link for more info on oil rinsing below! The Challenge: Leave-in a product with coconut oil at least 6x a week Oil rinse wit…

25 thoughts on “I Challenge You! (Coconut Oil Challenge)

  • SunDancingInLavender

    Thanks for the idea of adding fragrance oils to my oil mixture. I’ve been on Wholesale Supplies Plus? all morning. Loving it! Another thing I appreciate how you continue to make videos in spite of having to deal with rude comments or foolishness. Horrid!

  • Onika Trevia

    I would? love to do thus challenge, but I’m low po and coconut oil is to heavy…any suggestions?

  • Elisa K.

    I used to love coconut oil but it really irritates the eczema on my fingers. My hair really loved it to.? And I used it the way you did in this channel. It’s awesome. So sad I can’t use it anymore 🙁

  • SPChannel722

    I love the challenge.? Your hair looks great and healthy btw. I’ve been watching your channel for awhile, and it’s awesome to see how your hair has transformed, short to long, blonde to black to brown. Fierce and fearless! Keep it up!

  • Kayluvscherries89

    I just bought some unrefined coconut oil to try it on my hair. Why is refined coconut oil not good for? your hair?

  • denimpixie

    Refined is “fine,” but it’s been? through processing and isn’t as natural as unrefined. Nutrition-wise, a lot of the nutrients are removed from refined, but obviously that doesn’t matter as much with our hair, more for cooking.

  • T'kehya Cupid

    I’ve been using coconut consistently? for a few months now, mainly because its one of the only oils I had, but I guess I will continue

  • Kamiele1908

    I’m in!!!! Glad to hear you’ll be making? more vids!!!! *Runs to check stash for products with CO*

  • denimpixie

    Mmmm…I think I’m wearing Mac Watch Me Simmer with some? philosophy lipgloss on top.

  • denimpixie

    I’ve answered it a couple of? times in the comments, and there is another link in the details with my video that contains more information! Hth!

  • naturallyblessedhair

    You should definitely do a? length check, your hair has grown so much!

  • Christal Williams

    I’m soooo in :-). I’ll begin this Sat (starting things off on the first of the month always make it seem so “offical”..haha). Ironically I just revisted the BejaFlora Naturals Creme Brulee and my hair is really loving it in conjunction with castor oil. I think I’ll make a castor and coconut oil mix and get some fragrances to sweeten up the deal. This challenge will also help me with my nail strengthening challenge using coconut? oil; win all around. Can’t wait to see what the results will be.

  • Michelle Howard

    OMG You soooo beat me to it. I’m? finishing up a twists challenge that was the entry to a coconut oil challenge in June!! Mine will be only one month and I’m doing a giveaway.

  • jessie c

    My girls (6 and 3) wear their hair up a few days a week and down a few days a week. Even though I only use the snag free ponytail holders I put their hair up to keep from having to wet? and de-tangle every day which causes more breakage. In your experience is wearing it up more damaging than re-wetting and detangling? My youngest has mid-length hair and my oldest has fairly long hair. I know you can’t see their hair but just thought you might have some input on this.

  • grinnabee

    nice to see you back? girl! lovely hair as always. Darcy’s Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Smoothing Cream works fab with KCCC!

  • Amber Williams

    I’m with you for this challenge, Elle! I absolutely LOVE coconut oil and? use it for everything. Soooo happy to see you vlogging again:) You’re my fav.

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