In Depth Review of Komaza Hair Care Califia, Moku Natural Hair Products Lines

? ? ? ? ? ? ? BE SURE TO READ HERE ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ———–SUBSCRIBE TO BE NOTIFIED OF NEW VIDEOS———– This is a wonderful product line that can be used by all hair types! Reviewing products from Komaza’s Moku, Coconut and Califia lines: Coconut Hair Lotion, Califia Moisturizing Cream, Honeycomb hair rejuvenator, Olive moisture mask, Intense Moisture Therapy, Moku Hair Butter, Scalp Conditioner, Vitamin Reign Spray, Coconut Hair Pudding, Califia styling pudding, Califia Care Shampoo, Califia Moisturizing Cream It gets pretty in depth, so this is a good video to watch if you’ve been wanting to try Komaza! Receive 5% off your first order with code: GNQTF2XZ (Enter in customer referral code form). Purchase at

25 thoughts on “In Depth Review of Komaza Hair Care Califia, Moku Natural Hair Products Lines

  • keishaw76

    I love, love, love their? products too! Especially the coconut line…. I need to try the shampoo now. Thanks for doing this video!

  • Onegurrrlrev

    Sounds nice but I think it’s cheaper and easier to make yourself. Common ingredients: aloe vera juice, shea butter, coconut oil, etc. I am a big fan of Giovanni and Aubrey Organics.? I always go out of my way to buy the shampoos and conditioners. As far as moisturizers and puddings, I make my own and buy in bulk at whole foods or other health stores.

  • abht01

    yes that true, i do still use good ol? coconut oil/evoo and your usual but I love komaza because all products are vitamin enriched. Use whatever works for you…that’s what it’s all about

  • ssikmoi88

    Great review- I have been dying to try the calafia line for my tightly coiled hair. I don’t know if I shoud get? the trial package or a few full size products. I usually make my own leave in with a water base and I like black soap as shampoo.. so I may just try the deep treatments,calafia cream…. I really want my products to be ph balanced…. which products did you try first? did u get the trial pack or fullsize products?x

  • abht01

    the first product i tried from komaza was the coconut pudding? and it was a trial size. After I became very satisfied with that product I then resorted to trying the full size products. Since you have tightly coiled hair, I would go ahead and purchase the califia cream full size. But yes you can try them in 2oz sample sizes at first!

  • natrlchallenge

    Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! So much inspiration for me to remain natural. I am glad you made this video. I have a TWA which needs? to be moisturized. I am tired of dry crunchy hair due to gel use. I need a good line to try. I hope to get some good products from this line.

  • abht01

    Thank you so much!!!! : ) and thanks for watching this vid! I know I can’t stand that crunchy feeling either! Hope you were able to gain what you needed from this vid as far as the products go!?

  • birdsong40

    Go ahead and get the Califia Line. I have tightly coiled hair as well and all the products work? well to keep my hair moisturized.

  • ssikmoi88

    thanks for the encouragement. I will try out the califia line at some point because I do struggle to keep my porous hair moisturized. I have ordered 2 sample sizes from the beemine line-the deja hair milk and the bee hold curly butter to try? out. Have you tries beemine products? x

  • abht01

    I cant really describe? the scent of this one…I would say a mix of fruity and floral.

  • Bagley60

    looks like you have the entire product line lol your hair looks really good and thick thanks of the review?

  • abht01

    Oh lol I don’t there are still some I have yet to try!!! Thank you so much!!! Hoping to do some more? reviews on other products in their line later on!

  • dovedarby

    Thanks for the thorough reviews! I love Komaza too! Recently purchased the Califia Moisturizing Cream? and Olive Moisture Mask.

  • abht01

    @dunk3rsMJJ Awesome, I’m so? glad that you decided to try them out!!! Let me know how you like the products!!!

  • Diamond52894

    have u ever used it as a replacement for water in ur maxiglide? is? that possible?

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