Is Coconut Oil a Good Suncreen #273 This morning I told Nomi was going to be on the show and we were going to discuss coconut oil for sunscreen, candida, her breakfast, blend-tec vs. vitamix & more.

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    20 thoughts on “Is Coconut Oil a Good Suncreen #273

    • SecretsOfLongevity

      Kevin, if you read these comments, I keep hearing this stuff about Blendtech or Vitamix… Blendtech containers are made with BPA!!! There’s no contest! Mention that sometime or else more people will be making this terrible mistake of buying poisonous Blendtechs…

    • Arabe11a

      I think this is an obsession with almonds or any nuts that have to be raw … As long as they are organic, they are healthy! I am concerned about the amount of powders people have in their diet – maca, mesquite, cacao, lucuma, purple corn, sproutein (ridiculous)… Its the powder diet! The package may saw raw, but its by no means FRESH! We should focus on the amount of farm fresh organic produce and not whether the almonds have been treated above a certain degree (that’s just obsession!)

    • belact

      Always love your show. For me it is macadamia nuts. Love Love Love them. They have the highest monounsaturated fat of any known nut.

    • EcoEater

      blenders kill 90% of nutrients. They break open the cell and introduce oxygen. Plus the intense Electromagnetic Frequency zaps it. Sprouts (wheatgrass) CHEWED are the way to go. so many misconceptions…

    • Luciek69

      I didn’t know that. I thought it was actually beneficial as one’s stomach didn’t have work so hard.

      It makes sense what you’re saying.

      Thank you.

    • Luciek69

      The best protection against sun = SHADE lol

      What is the next best protection for those ( me doing sport at noon ) who can’t cover themselves completely?


    • JackNeedles

      Yep, you’re completely right. A similar thing happens during the processing of homogenized milk, which is why it’s so unhealthy.

    • GnosticNinja

      Coconut Oil is one of the healthiest oils to cook with precisely because it can handle the higher temperatures without breaking down the EFA’s into short chain toxic acids.

      Only when overheated like all the processed vegetable oils does it become an unheathy thing.

      Coconuts oil penetrates skin well and is anti microbe / bacterial coupled with its propensity to reduce inflammation make it a choice skin restorative. Especially when mixed with herbs like Chamomile.

      Science fact.

    • GnosticNinja

      The base ingredient for any sun-tan-oil worth its weight is Coconut oil.
      However, it does not block the sun. Other ingredients do that.
      Here’s a list: W’s*911skin*com/sunblocks*html
      BUT that stuff is basically TOXIC.
      Best to use on emergency only or after over exposure (or not at all)
      There are natural versions like this worth trying:

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