Is Coconut Oil Healthy & How To Buy Good Coconut Oil, Ep55

Today Natasha talks about how not all Coconut Oils are the same, how to buy healthy ones and why Coconut Oil is healthy. Buy Coconut Oil USA: Canada: FREE Juices & Smoothies Recipe eBook: Health & Wellness Coaching http 10-Day Juice Fasting Program: Acne Program: Website: Blog Facebook: Twitter: Donations: To learn more about the Raw Food Diet and individual, group or donation based coaching to lose weight, have more energy and get healthy, go to:

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    23 thoughts on “Is Coconut Oil Healthy & How To Buy Good Coconut Oil, Ep55

    • IamDemetri00

      I’ve also heard its best to store your oils in amber glass to repel uv light rays- thats how David Wolfe sells them. But I havent read any other science on it…

    • goobes11

      never had it before… does it taste like sweet coconuts??

      oh, and how rude of them to try to cheat u out of the good stuff, i mean come ooonnnnn!!

    • StarFlower99654

      I almost bought a 1 gallon jug of the wrong coconut oil. As I was starting to check out I asked the cashier to double check that it was raw and unheated. She said no it was steamed to remove the scent and was mostly used for making cosmetics and body products. Thank goodness I had the foresight to double check.

    • RawRadiantHealth

      Yes that makes complete sense– in all though its just best to store them in cool dark places!

    • RawRadiantHealth

      Wow!! terrible, you are sooo lucky you caught that. It really saddens me that these things are on the market for human consumption– where is the love??!

    • IamDemetri00

      Its going good, its just not going fast enough, lol I am going to stay away from dehydrated foods for a while. I am feeling like they put me out of balance. Its a bit unnatural too I think because I feel like we should always be consuming foods with water in them. However, they sure do taste good! I may just limit my dehydated food intake to weekends at a local raw restaurant. How is everything going with you? Today I included an extra serving of coconut oil in my smoothie. 😉

    • IamDemetri00

      I had Pau D’arco tea as the base, then I included milk thistle seed, strained it, then threw in hemp seed, a couple tsp of coconut oil, a little cacao, some maca, bee pollen, and honey to sweeten. It filled me up for several hours and was delicious. I only make those once in a great while.

    • RawRadiantHealth

      I can relate to ‘things not going fast enough’– I wish I am in paradise right now!!
      As for the dehydrated food, super yum but for me I am very sensitive that it always quite hard on my system. I prefer my fresh fruits and vegetables!

    • RawRadiantHealth

      Yum!! I really like Pau D’arco tea!! I like superfood smoothies but they tweek me out a bit!! For some reason I prefer and crave them in the winter rather than the summer– strange!!!

    • IamDemetri00

      I can’t wait to make that salad recipe you shared the other day. Avocado, tomato, and lemon juice are indeed the yummiest dressing I can imagine!

    • chaiandallthatjazz

      Tropical Traditions has an absolutely wonderful coconut oil. Read their discussion on their website…I think you’d like the process for how it’s made…

    • jdjas

      I am really proud of you that you didnt put that in your body it shows your strength and passion keep it up

    • brendandylanmaloney

      How important is it to buy RAW coconut oil as opposed to heated ? Heated is so much cheaper like nutiva brand. I called the company and asked if it was raw and they said no.Ultimate superfoods brand is RAW and the 2 lb. bottle is a fair price,it has a purple label.

    • ltcartwright1976

      I went to the hfs to pick up some supplies, bought a Tree of Life expeller expressed organic Coconut Oil (14. floz. jar). I brought it was solid, the next day I was going through your videos and saw this episode. I went to make the Mango, Coconut green smoothie (the day after I watched the episode) and the oil had melted…yep, it had a yellow tint to it! I was very sad. Sure wish I had watched this video BEFORE I went to the hfs. So now, what do I do with this yellowy coconut oil??

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