Is Coconut Oil Really Healthy?

The use of coconut oil is becoming more mainstream, and there are many claims to the potential health benefits. Is it really that good for you? Is Kale Really That Good For You?:…

25 thoughts on “Is Coconut Oil Really Healthy?

  • Ulfgar-Septimus von Stahlenberg

    It is better than most oils and it has a nice taste. I take it. But I use
    the hard oil – at roomtemperature -, not an actual oil.?

  • chongjunxiang3002

    In my country/area, coconut oil are actually something that are use
    everyday for almost everybody (Chinese don’t use it), to cook rice.

    Guess what my country is.?

  • MrFilipFabulous

    the all mighty olive oil changes its structiure when heated up, so all the
    got stuff *poof* dissapear when heated, Coconut oil on the other hand
    remains stable and keeps its nutirents when heated to high temperatures
    hence its better for cooking. ?

  • Hobypyrocom

    once in a while a rich guy will come with an idea for a product that is
    produced outside US (this is very important to keep others from
    manufacturing it and noone in US to have chance to test it), the the guy
    pays allot of money for propaganda (doctors, tv and radio stations,
    models…) which talks how healthy this product is and how the locals where
    the product is made are living long life, and Americans as Americans starts
    buying the product massively without even thinking about, and as the
    Americans are over-consumers they will always buy way more than they need
    so in the end it will produce an environment problem everywhere where the
    product is made. this is the case with coconut oil too.
    i watched a documentary about this but i cant find it now 🙁 guess why??

  • mekman4

    In other news cigarettes are good for you again, #JunkScience #FlawedData
    #HackedData #DNews?

  • Mr Ferario

    So, What you’re saying is that no one has posted any scientific research
    yet, so do whatever you think works.

    Got it!?

  • wiseass2000

    If coconut oil comes from coconuts and olive oil comes from olives. Where
    does baby oil come from??

  • Broth3r John

    Using non hydrogenated coconut oil has anti bacterial and anti fungal
    properties. Its great for your intestines where alot of disease starts. I
    also use it for my skin and scalp. There are many benefits of coconut oil. ?

  • Lord Vader

    Is anything healthy considering you’re going to die at any moment
    regardless of how healthy you live? The healthiest person on the planet
    could die right now. Nature doesn’t give a shit.?

  • Jorge Espinoza

    Olive oil for sure! Of course the obsession with coconut oil is a fad. The
    same way being vegan is a fad. Everything in moderation is key. ?

  • vincentninja68

    Bullshit. Get your facts straight. Saturated fat doesn’t cause heart
    disease. There are zero studies that actually prove this.

    Also, HDL and LDL are not cholesterol. They’re proteins. They just carry
    cholesterol. And LDL is not automatically “bad cholesterol” as you are
    leaving out Low density LDL (harmless) and High density LDL (harmful).
    You’re not telling the whole story. You’re either maliciously leaving out
    information to push an agenda, or you didn’t do your homework and spreading
    bullshit. You’re supposed to be a science channel, I thought you were
    better then this DNews.?

  • Jenn'sPOV

    Fat is fat, so the butter vs coconut oil comparisons are “eh”. It DOES have
    many benefits. I do not recommend it on the face since it’s comedogenic.
    It’s really a blessing for the hair, and it’s got great anti fungal/anti
    bacterial qualities – great for the mouth & many other things. ?

  • atanu nath

    The people of state named Kerala in southern India have been using coconut
    oil for thousands of years… for everything, I think it’s a good idea to
    study those people in comparison with others who don’t. ?

  • G. Clifford Williams

    “…LDL Cholesterol, the bad kind…” *sigh* I immediately discount what
    someone says about health and diet when they start talking about HDL/LDL as
    good/bad cholesterol. It’s vexing that professionals are still peddling
    this nonsense.?

  • shadfurman

    Your body needs both HDL and LDL, it just needs to be in the correct
    And your body NEEDS cholesterol. ?

  • RETiredGM

    We use coconut oil in smoothies, tea, and for cooking eggs or certain
    things that require high heat, ie meat searing. It’s also good as a lotion
    and hair oil substitute because it doesn’t build up, isn’t full of
    chemicals or fragrances.?

  • Simone Debovoar

    Coconut oil is great for hair though. I don’t use it for cooking except for
    special exotic dishes. I definitively prefer olive oil. Yet like hair, body
    likes changes so you can have several kind of oils in your kitchen then
    alternate between one or another.?

  • Eoin Kenny

    Since when does Saturated Fat inflame arteries? Also, olive oil is not safe
    to heat on a frying pan.?

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