Is it normal for coconut milk to separate in the can?

I opened a can of coconut milk and ithe "milk" rose to the top in a gooey mass, the rest of the can was almost like water and clear. Is that normal? I just bought the can at the grocery store the day before. No exp date on it.

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    2 thoughts on “Is it normal for coconut milk to separate in the can?

    • zurcalednauj

      Yes, that’s normal. Coconut milk is mostly water and fat, so after a while the contents will separate. And that’s also why most cans of coconut milk say "Shake well before opening". You can just dump the contents of the can into a blender (at a low speed) and recombine everything if you need to.

    • ctcoconut

      You should choose the coconut milk with a ‘Look’, not a ‘Read’. Most buyers always buy the cheapest supply by ‘reading’ the cheapest quotation, without ‘looking’ at the product quality.

      Opening the can and pouring the coconut milk into a bowl, without shaking the can, you will see that normal coconut milk must separate into two layers of white creamy fat layer on top and water at bottom.

      Stirring the coconut milk with a spoon, its texture should be smoother and more homogenized. When in cold whether, you may have to stir harder. After you stir hard and long enough, the final coconut milk must be a white creamy homogenized liquid. FOr more details check

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