I’ve tried everything, my hair is STILL SO DRY and frizzy!?

I really need help with my overly dry hair.
– I don’t blow dry it ever ( I let it air dry)
– I don’t straighten my hair ever
– I rarely put hair products in it (only sometimes a little something so it’s not as insanely dry)
– I stopped shampooing it for about 2 weeks because I heard that helped (Only conditioned it with a coconut conditioner and scrubbed my scalp so it was still clean just not as clean)
It definitely helped some my hair was softer and not soo poofy but it’s still way dry especially on the ends and near the ends.
– I’ve tried many home remedies such as bananas, olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, wrapping in a hot towel and leaving it on overnight then washing with shampoo and conditioner. (Did practically nothing)
I tried that at least twice a week.
– I use shampoos and conditioners specifically for dry hair.
I’ve tried plenty.
So is there any advice out there for my poor dry hair?
I’m thinking of trying Frederic Fekkai Protein RX Reparative treatment mask (It got really great reviews)
Has anybody tried it?

Thank you sooo so much!

Description of my hair: Enough oil on the top and shiny and smooth there, but end of my long bangs are dry and frizzy. About 2 inches of dry hair on the ends of my hair. It’s brittle and dead looking. The straighter parts of my hair underneath seem to be much less dry. It feels dry after I shampoo it. When it dries it looks quite poofy all over especially in the back where more of the layers are and the dry ends stick out more.

P.S I have naturally wavy hair.
Well, I’m positive I don’t have split ends…it’s just dry hair. Yes I agree with the whole cutting it off thing. But it’s still frizzy and dry 2 days after it’s been cut. So it’s not only that. My hair is literally DRY. I want to have nice hair without a million products in my hair…haha:) But i dont want to cut it because I’m trying to grow it out!!
My hair has never been greasy if it ever gets the slight bit oily on it’s on the top if i haven’t washed it in like 4 days.
I really appreciate everybody’s help though thank you!!!:D

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