25 thoughts on “JoJoba and Coconut Oil – Natural Alternative

  • AshChole619

    Alot of people think if you have oily skin you can’t put these oils on your face. Actually coconut oil is great because it pulls the toxins from your skin. So you might break out for a week or so but that just means it’s working.

  • mannu859

    Good reveiw!! Got a question, can we also use coconut oil on body after shower instead of using a body moisturizer. I usually love coconut moisturizer, but would this organic one smell too strong?

  • poohbearxo0o

    I tried using coconut oil on my scalp, cause my friend said it helps my hair grow longer, but it made my hair greasy the next day. I stopped using it.

  • rhiannonblack

    when you were talking about using it along with sunblock when outside, were you meaning as a tanning oil? not as a sunblock right?

  • kanielaandpalikenei

    I like using olive oil I havent tried jojoba yet and I dont like the smell of coconut oil lol. 🙂 I like ur vids.

  • choachie150

    I have a question. With your experience using the Jojoba oil on your skin, does that really make your skin produce less natural oil? I have severe eczema, so my skin is beyond dry. I would love to use natural oils because I have the same problem with burning my skin if I use normal moisturizers. A reply would mean so much to me. Thank you for this video! 🙂

  • anneorshine

    @choachie150 It’s very light so I’m not sure if it will help w/ eczema… I heard it help some ppl… maybe u can try aquaphor mix w/ that.

  • choachie150

    @anneorshine I’m currently using aquaphor alone, and it helps, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s quite enough moisture. I never thought about mixing it with something, that’s a great idea! I’ve done research on different oils, and jojoba oil is one that I liked by what I’ve read. I”ve heard that it usually doesn’t cause any reactions, which is another plus because I have terrible allergies. Thank you for such a quick reply! I’m a subscriber for sure. Keep up your great videos!! =)

  • MegaTamarama

    Coconut oil is amazing for hair and skin!
    I do eat it in smoothies too to help from the inside too!

  • TheMoptimusPrime

    I love using extra virgin, organic coconut oil on my body after I shower! I love the smell and it is REALY good for your body. I use coconut oil the same way anneorshine does, it’s Soo versatile. Search up “Super foods – the truth about Coconut” this is what convinced me to get into Coconut oil. Thankyou anneorshine for this video. 🙂

  • shafaq007

    Hi Anne, I have a natural remedy that I would like you to forward to your viewers via your videos.

    Many people buy expensive cleansers for their face and as you know they contain lots of chemicals and are very expensive…here is something you may want to try:

    Rose water…make sure it 100% pure rose water. Put some on a cotton ball or cotton pad and then gently apply it on the facea and neck area it will help clear the skin and is very mild and natural.

    Lots of love


  • volpe3fuego

    I never blowdry my hair; I always let it dry naturally. I bought some coconut oil today from the grocery store because I wanted to try the oil-pulling technique you + a few other people have done. If I plan to apply some coconut oil to my hair after I shower, is it recommended to just shampoo my hair and not use a conditioner since I’ll be using the coconut oil? Also, if I wanted to apply it at night, do I wash it out in the morning or like 20 min after massaging it into my scalp/ends? Thanks!

  • volpe3fuego

    Sorry I have another question ^ ^; I have LouAna coconut oil which I bought for like $4 @ Walmart next to the cooking oils aisle. Is there a difference between that and organic coconut oil, in terms of benefits and results? I haven’t opened it yet, as I just bought it today but I’m just realizing that everyone keeps saying “extra virgin organic” coconut oil. LouAna says pure coconut oil but not I’m not so sure I want to try it if there’s another that people are talking about.

  • anneorshine

    @volpe3fuego depend how dry your hair is… shampoo and see if your hair still feels dry. You can just do 20 min or leave it over night… whatever you prefer =) i’ve tried both… overnight really makes my hair look oily even after shampoo

  • anneorshine

    @volpe3fuego I would use organic… sounds like u have something process which takes out all the nutrients

  • loula624

    woah thats some pricey coconut oil. i just bought some at whole foods for ten dollars, and its organic, extra virgin, and unrefined.

  • ruby3561

    Love your makeup! Great vid. I use the Morroccan Oil in my hair but I’m thinking about getting a big ol’ jar of coconut oil for hair treatment. Much cheaper, but the Morroccan is awesome but not for skin.

  • Fatima0504

    i have virgin cocount oil for my hair as opposed to extra virgin..do you know if that makes a difference?

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