Jui Coconut Hair Oil

For Bangladeshi girls, healthy hair is a very important source of romance to be generated from their beloved. Jui coconut oil ensure healthy hair and generate romance from the dear ones.

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    25 thoughts on “Jui Coconut Hair Oil

    • Offended83Shadow

      thats funny… when she snatches his hand away from her hair i laughed…even in india men cant touch the remi hair

    • ssssaaafff

      Another NWO indoctrination commercial to make men look like wimps and not leaders and women feminists

    • buraburayoshi

      haha the funny part is when he goes to touch her hair, and she says ‘don’t touch my hair’ (she hands him a bar of soup and say) ‘go clean your socks.’

    • temickab

      haha that’s the cutest commercial i have ever seen! too bad american men arent like that. LOL

    • 2Ryled

      I like how she lets her hair down and there is suddenly a breeze in the room that only blows on her hair.

    • AISHAkhan1992

      Aww hw cute!! The couple, her hair n song is soo nice,, please if anyone knows the name of the song please tell me– i think its habib but i dnt know– m nt bangla– but i love the music. Big fan of habib

    • rnesbit2

      OMG!!! My Mother was right. This commercial represents the ancient saying .
      “A women’s hair is her glory”. It will make a man stop what he is doing, and pay attention to you. never, never, ever underestimate your hair ladies. when you do your hair, the smell, shine, and body sends the magnetic force out, and he will bow to your feminine power. This has always worked for me.LOL

    • TropicalLove07

      @Offended83Shadow I don’t think it’s India… the language is bengali so it’s probably Bangladesh

    • treehillravenolivia

      @TropicalLove07 well its hard to tell. this commercial could also be from India because their accent sounds more of the indian type of bengali. I speak bengali but my family’s Indian. But, if i hadn’t read the description box I wouldn’t have known it was a Bangladeshi commercial.

    • emoisbackxxzz

      @AdellaLuvsBeauty u can buy coconut oil from any health shop, vitamin store, or even online, ive recently started using it in food (like on toast or in cups of tea) applying it to my hair, putting it on my skin for a wonderful overnight treatment, applying some to my lips to rejuviate and soften them, theres all sorts of ways it can be used, in the tropical islands women are known to have the most beautiful hair and skin because of this oil, it can also help keep u looking youthful for years

    • AdellaLuvsBeauty

      @emoisbackxxzz Thank you soo much! I’m on the hunt for a nice Coconut Oil! I use coco-butter for my skin and lips and face. I’m looking forward to using Coconut Oil!!! 🙂

    • emoisbackxxzz

      @AdellaLuvsBeauty your welcome! if your looking for a high quality one then u could try “tiana extra virgin coconut oil” its amazing! good luck 🙂

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