Kitchen Beauty: Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

** SKIP RIGHT TO THE MAKEUP REMOVING: 4:05 ** Hello lovelies! Today I’m showing you how to remove your makeup using cooking oil (gasp!) found right in your pantry. Look right here for further information! + HEALTH BENEFITS OF COCONUT OIL – IT’S ANTI AGING!! + You can use any PURE, REAL oil to remove your makeup. I strongly advise against using synthetic oils such as canola or vegetable oil (both are very bad for you and you should never, never use either of them; toss it out and cook w/EVOO instead!). I personally have used EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and Coconut Oil but you can certainly use Grapseed Oil or Rice Bran Oil or any other pure oil you have on hand. Your skin is going to LOVE you for it!!! ++ AROUND THE INTERNET ++ Blog: Twitter: Instagram: ezriblue

16 thoughts on “Kitchen Beauty: Coconut Oil Makeup Remover

  • prettydaysies

    i will have to try this… i don’t like coconut so i’ll try EVOO. thank you for the demo, Aggie! (p.s. is this an older video? because you said 3? yo and i know she’s 4 now! LOL hee hee)

  • DonniesSweetie

    This was great Erica… loved watching this and you did a great job explaining. Sorry you got oil in your eye… I wondered if it stung and you answered that. I will keep? this in mind when I run out of remover, and that does happen. Hope you are doing great! Hugs! xo

  • ezri blue

    Oh I hope you like it! Please let me know what you think.? Make sure you wash off all the oil properly though so it doesn’t clog your pores and break you out! 😀 x

  • ezri blue

    Ahh lol oops! Yes it is, from the middle of Oct. I realized I wasn’t going to get any filming done this week and I didn’t want to go another week+ with no new videos. I hope I get back on track by next week when the kids? are on holidays!

  • ezri blue

    Thanks lady! Report back and tell me what you think too. Just make sure you wash off all the oil properly so your pores don’t clog up and break out.? xx

  • ezri blue

    Is it all oils? You can always try EVOO or rice bran oil or avocado oil…? Such? a bummer your skin breaks out from the coconut though, it’s so deliciously good for your skin! 🙁

  • makeuploverusa

    I had heard of coconut oil? for removing makeup, but never tried it myself. It was fun to watch you actually doing it, Aggie. Now tell me, what’s that beautiful color you have on your nails? It caught my eye! Many hugs! Sandra.

  • kayekog

    Hi. Nice to see you again. I haven’t checked in for a while but I’m still here, out in the nether sphere!? I use olive oil and I’ve been very happy with it and it’s ability to remove, even, waterproof makeup. I need to try coconut oil-know of some of the benefits.

  • librogeek

    I have the weirdest, most sensitive skin and was very weary the first time I tried using coconut oil to remove makeup. I guess I thought it would make my T-Zone oilier than it already is. I dunno…anyway, you’re so right, not only does it melt away any makeup, but it makes your skin so soft and smooth! As far as added oiliness, of course it was NOT a problem – it just absorbs right into the skin. ? LOVE it! Thanks for doing a vid on it!

  • walkn4life

    Now this was interesting… I might have to try this. Tomorrow, I am headed to my Health Food store, and I will see about the coconut oil…? Great video.. thanks for sharing. Hugs, Laura

  • mommacoolio

    I just finished washing up with the coconut oil. Fantastic! I feel like I? just had a spa treatment 😉 thank you Aggie!

  • delacotta360

    I’m glad for the demo because I’ve made such a mess with it that I kinda quit. I only used it on my eyes. I’ll have to try my whole face and see what it does to my very oily skin! I trust you Aggie! Egads, it even got it out of your tightline?!! Ok, I promise I’ll spend more time on it tonight. : )? Love you dear friend, Susan

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