Kitty Cats on Coconut Oil -The Experiment Begins

I love my pets, I want the best health possible for them. I consume and swish coconut oil daily, the kitty cats began a tiny amount once a day and I will be documenting their results, especially with Dante who has tartar build up on his teeth. Visit my blog for more updates: Read more Coconut Oil Benefits for Pets | # Coconut oil is a safe, natural and edible oil that can be very beneficial for your domestic pet, including cats and dogs. The oil is derived from pressed coconuts and the purest form of the product is 100% cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, which means that it has not been heated or refined and contains only high quality oil. Coconut oil is available at health food stores or online. Skin and Coat # Coconut oil can be very beneficial for pets when taken internally. Adding the oil to their food is the simplest way to include it in their diet. Just a few drops a day can be very beneficial to the coat, moisturizing the skin and hair. Coconut oil can be used in its semi-solid form or warmed slightly to make it liquid. For dogs and cats, add 1/4 teaspoon of oil for every 10 pounds they weigh. Slowly increase to 1 teaspoon for every 10 pounds of weight per day, or 1 Tablespoon for every 30 pounds. Increase the dosage slowly, and if you notice any irregular bowel movements or an upset stomach, decrease the amount you’re giving them. Allow your pet time to adjust to smaller amounts before attempting to increase it again

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    7 thoughts on “Kitty Cats on Coconut Oil -The Experiment Begins

    • justwant2bhappy

      Bonnie loves her Coconut oil! lol…. Dr Oz had it on his TV show a month or so ago
      and he talked about all the benifts of it also. My husband uses it as a moisurizer
      on his face every night and he loves it.

    • simplyme922

      Interesting. I just started giving it to my big boy, a german shepherd, a few weeks ago. He loves it and doesn’t scratch so much now. Please update us on how the cats benefit.

    • Bonnie90505

      @simplyme922 wow thats great, let me know you your baby is doing as he continues taking the coconut kitty cats seem to have more energy..and less hair balls..I cant wait to see how they do weeks from now, thanks for watching!

    • Bonnie90505

      @justwant2bhappy Dr Oz. still reminds me when he and Gary Taubes had a tiff on the Larry King..but Dr Oz has a large following, so hope more people will look into coconut oil, even for your pets..Lauren, are you taking coconut oil?, I am oil pulling now, still amazes me, learning so many new things that help me health.

    • justwant2bhappy

      @Bonnie90505 Hi, I am not oil pulling but i will do it today. I have 1 tbs of the oil a day. Not sure what I think of the oil pulling.

    • genuinelysarcastic

      Very interesting! When you say ‘swish’ do you spit the coconut oil out? Also, you mentioned the name of an awesome protein drink beowulf suggested but i can’t remember it for the life of me, let me know I am going to see if I can find it on amazon!

    • Bonnie90505

      @genuinelysarcastic I swish for 15 minute, then I spit it out, but treat it like toxic waste, in the trash bag….
      I don’t think you can get that protein drink on amazon, but here is the web site tryabouttime(dot)com, maybe see if Bowulf can send you some sample, i never purchase the product (yet)
      Thanks for watching

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