Let’s Talk Hair- Hot Oil Treatment.m4v

Hey All… I’m back to talk Hair.. … I’ve been working out and wearing my hair up and doing a lot of sweating and this is a step that I take to deeply moisturize my hair. A full list of products can be found on www.TheGLamNERDS.com Please don’t forget to support my girl Lady Elle… Happy Saturday Ya’ll… Keia

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    18 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Hair- Hot Oil Treatment.m4v

    • NothinbutTreble1220

      @chinablk Hey Girl.. Thanx.. Glad you can tell it’s progressing despite the fact it’s ALL OVER THE PLACE in this video… means a lot coming from you.. I’m just tryna gett on your level… lol and the smaller Coconut Oil was a sample .. I’m tryna use up so I just put it in… I’m tryna condense my product you know.. I’m running out of space to keep things.. Take care!

    • chinablk

      @NothinbutTreble1220 oooh..ok..i do that too girl..just slapping ish together just to use it up..lol…keep doing what you’re doing b/c it’s working!!!

    • Shyloh8

      Not Lou Rawls …. LOL! Your hair is so beautiful..gah! Even when it’s all over your head like that lolol.. loves it.

    • BigTashia

      so does this hot oil treatment only work for your hair, cause i need something for my scalp, also i have locs….soo….yea…..any help, advice, tips?

    • kkimberly2004

      lou rawls tooooooooo funny!!!! thats right show buildable beauty some love, she deserves it…I like that!

    • OrigSupawoman

      Your hair is luxurious honey. You need to help me with my hair. I need to stop cutting it SO much, I just don’t want it to grow ’cause I don’t too much know how to take care of it once it gets TOO long. I think I want to go fully natural though, Keia… We need to talk.

    • MAA1176

      This is important…I want to hear what you are saying… you are talking to low in the beginning…. love your hair

    • MAA1176

      talking to low …. I cant hear and I would like to hear what you r saying… your hair is so healthy

    • khethiwe1978

      You are hilarious! Thanks for the prepoo recipe and heads up about the oil drippin on clothes.

    • sweetsassybabyg

      Where did you get your jamaican black caster oil..I’m really interested in it but cant find it =(

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