Low Carb Chef Salad

Bonnie’s Low Carb Chef Salad with COCONUT OIL-Recipe Below I limit my intake of tomatoes, peppers and onions, because of the nightshades, I reduce my arthritis when I limit my intake of these veggies, but I still eat them! (depending on your veggie carbs , I counted this salad to be around 10-13 carbs and Lots of greens, protein and good fats. ! Romain Lettuce Spinach Red Leaf Lettuce 1 boiled egg green olives slice cucumber diced celery 1/4 small Roma tomato 1/4 inch wedge-Green Bell Pepper Deli Nitrate free roast beef Deli Nitrate free roast turkey provolone cheese 1 small green onions dash black pepper Buttermilk Ranch Dressing-full fat mix in a tablespoon of coconut oil!!! Yummy! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU,I APPRECIATE YOU ALL!! My blog: bonnie90505.blogspot.com

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