25 thoughts on “Low-Carb Diet And Coconut Oil!

  • thamagickjumpoff

    @kvega2016 I’m sorry but you’re mistaken! Heart Disease is caused by inflammation of the arteries, which is caused by oxidation! Oxidation is caused by carbohydrates, sugar, and refined processed oils. Ketosis has been proven time and time again to be a natural state for the body to be in. Diabetes is caused by insulin resistance, which is caused by excess sugar and carbohydrates. The FDA recommends at least 300mg of Carbs a day! That is WAYY to much for the human body! Do your research!

  • Tammy50328

    If you like it then you should of put your skin on it LOL. Your right about the sugar thing, i watched this guy talkin on Rachel Ray and he was sayin that if ppl would cut their sugar intake they would loss alot of weight. He says that ppl really should only eat like 3 table spoons of sugar a day. And most ppl eat more then that.
    Congrats on your weight loss thus far.

  • kvega2016

    @thamagickjumpoff I do not mean to be disrespectful in anyway but I am in nursing school and I had to take two nutrition and diet therapy classes. Not to mention that I passed both of them with A’s. That is my research. atherosclerosis causes heart disease which is inflammation of the arteries. cholesterol builds up in those arteries from your diet causing the blood flow harder to reach your heart. Low carb diets are only good for diabetics to keep their glucose levels stable.

  • thamagickjumpoff

    @kvega2016 You’re putting ALL cholesterol into the same category, and that’s why you’re struggling to see my point of view. I understand you’re training to be a nurse, but unfortunately, medical educational guidelines are based on the FDA, and some of their guidelines has been proven to be absolutely exaggerated if not wrong! Low-Carb is recommended for anyone looking to lose weight and better their overall health!

  • kvega2016

    @thamagickjumpoff well i can go all day about this. lets just agree to disagree. I am happy about you loosing 16 lbs. Keep up your dedication. 🙂

  • MusicKidFreak94

    You quit smoking AND you losing weight?You changing forreal. lol.

    Next thing I know, your gonna pull a Jennifer Hudson on me. But if you’re losing weight then I definitely gotta try and lose some weight too.

  • AreathaFranklin15

    You look soo good and your skin looks soo clear.. Your an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work!

  • shamami

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO! I’m currently on a diet and I’m struggling with carbs. It’s my crack, lol.I try to find ways to cut it off completely, but it’s hard. Watching your video made it a little easier to cut it loose. BTW I notice you lost some weight before you said anything about it. YOU GO, BOY! Congratulations on the lose.

  • AreathaFranklin15

    Ty, you look very good! Your a big inspiration to me. Your skin looks so clear. Keep up the good work!

  • blkrican2009

    I just went and bought some organic virgin cocoanut oil from wal-mart. Ill keep you informed 🙂

  • myspace1286

    i was once 330lbs but got on this diet and lost over 125lbs but my question is how do you fry your foods do you use flour what do you use as a coating because i didnt eat fried food at all

  • myspace1286

    i was once 330lbs but got on this diet and lost over 125lbs but my question is how do you fry your foods do you use flour? what do you use as a coating? because i didnt eat fried food at all

  • BBYoungLady

    O’m doing a weight loss challenge on youtube and unfortunately I have fallen of track because of my cravings for carbs but on Saturday I’m gonna start all over again and stay and lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks.

  • sktruth

    I just wanted to wish you the very best on your weight loss journey honey. Congratulations on the 16 pound loss, and you look great~Many blessings

  • 9thwardtea

    Thank you for this video……I’m not really overweight but I’m gonna try it…Love you for reaching out and wanting to support your supporters.

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