Low Carbing-Ketosis-Coconut Oil & Coffee

Please visit my blog for more info : controllingthecarbmonster.blogspot.com The gist of Low Carbing has been around for many years.-This is a re upload from 2010 Coconut Oil added to my morning coffee has really been the best energy boost I need. music -Mountain Sun Jason Shaw. audionautix.com Released under Creative Commons license 3.0 http

5 thoughts on “Low Carbing-Ketosis-Coconut Oil & Coffee

  • kmhtigger

    okay so the coconut oi gives u energy? because I’ve noticed that since I’ve been doing? low carbs I have no energy at all.

  • Bonnie90505

    are you taking any vitamins and supplements? also how long have you been doing lowcarb-and of you are experiencing dietary ketosis-you have to go through a detox if your body was use to alot of sugars-once you body switched over to the stored fat for energy-if you are like me–the fats/oils you consume is your energy source-everyone? is different..but do look into the healthy benefits of coconut oil, I made several videos on coconut oil–ibut you also should be taking vitamins & supplements too.

  • kmhtigger

    I take supplements, but not faithfully. I started the diet right after Lent season which was perfect because I had given up sugar and was able to ease right into the Aktins diet. I’m going to the doctor to have my blood work done and in the mean time I’m slowly incorporating good carbs back into my system. I have been limiting myself to only 20-40 carbs a day for the last 3months? and I’m not sure if thats healthy. I will definitely look into the coconut oil, looks interesting.

  • delmem

    19th century?William Banting’s Letter on Corpulence perhaps? Looks like you’ve read? some of Phinney’s research on keto-adaptation as well. If you haven’t already, check out Cahill’s work on starvation… according to him you only need 10gms of carbs to negate muscle loss during a semi-starvation diet, less if eating dietary fats. Really sad how many “professionals” in nutrition state “500 calories isn’t enough to support normal brain function” – several peer reviewed studies to the contrary

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