“M” Moroccan Oil Product Review, and Autumn’s Tips for Long, Strong, Shiny, Healthy, Fabulous Hair

www.moroccanoil.com –official website www.sleekhair.com –Where I got my Moroccan Oil, and it looks like they’re having a sale on it to boot! www.sheaterraorganics.com — Great source for Shea Butter www.monoi.com — Where I get my Coconut Oil, though any 100% Coconut Oil will work just fine, even food grade www.mountainroseherbs.com –Where I get my Jojoba oil www.longhaircommunity.com — Great site to learn about growing your hair long Thanks for watching, and Blessed Be! )O(

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    25 thoughts on ““M” Moroccan Oil Product Review, and Autumn’s Tips for Long, Strong, Shiny, Healthy, Fabulous Hair

    • pagandaughter

      I actually go to the “black” section and get Africa’s Best Herbal Oil. A friend of mine uses Pink hair oil. I don’t use oil on a regular basis… I use it only about once a month. I think I need to use it more. My hair has gone through some dye abuse… I’ve dyed it black so many times and the chemicals don’t help. Thanks for the biotin tip!

    • FreyaBoughey

      I’m trying to grow my hair too, I never use flat irons, however I use a hairdryer everytime I wash my hair and I’ve never thought about using oil, in fact I’ve never even used conditioner. All I use is shampoo, do you think it’s too late to start now without cutting my hair cause it’s already pretty long? Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    • AutumnsMagic

      I meant to mention Africa’s Best–it’s a GREAT oil for the price! In fact, I did mention it in my first video, but I had to redo it because I babbled too much. I’d recommend doing the overnight/deep oil treatments at least twice–if not three times–a month. I used to do them a LOT–like twice a week, but I started getting breakouts and my hair finally got into better shape. And yes–definitely go for the Biotin–it makes your hair and nails grow like crazy!

    • AutumnsMagic

      OMG, you don’t use conditioner at all??? DEFINITELY start doing that! Get a good, thick conditioner (that doesn’t necessarily mean expensive–Aussie brand is good, as is Herbal Essences and plenty of other drugstore brands) and use it *every* time you wash your hair. Do the “Condition, Wash, Condition” method I talked about. And definitely get some sort of oil and do deep treatments and oil after washing as well (not enough to make your hair greasy, but just enough to make it sleek and soft).

    • NeskaBean

      OOHHH!!! I use this product every day – the shampoo, the conditioner, and the oil!! I LOVE the stuff!!! My stylist used it on me, and I was so hooked – this stuff rocks!

    • HalloweenFirefly

      Interesting, I tend to use Rosemary oil on my hair, I used coconut once but it made my hair super greasy so I went back to my Rosemary.
      Thanks for the tips!

    • AutumnsMagic

      You’d look gorgeous either way…but I’m all for long hair (of course!) It takes dedication, but I love having my hair in an updo with a single stick and then taking the stick down and shaking my head to let my hair fall down all around me…there’s just something so…romantic(?) about that to me.

    • AutumnsMagic

      I’ll look into it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of using emu oil on hair, but I do have some emu oil…hmm.

    • AutumnsMagic

      Awesome! It’s always good to hear that someone has been using something long term and still loves it. Let me know about the brand/type–after I run out of this bottle, I’d love to check into that kind!

    • AutumnsMagic

      Yeah, I’ve heard that pure argan oil doesn’t smell so great, but it’s supposed to be fantastic for your hair and skin. I love coconut oil for my hair too–epescially for deep treatments, as I said in the video. The only thing that’s slightly irritating is how it solidifies when the weather turns cold and you have to scrape it out with your fingernails. But I agree–for deep moisturization, coconut oil ROCKS!

    • AutumnsMagic

      I use Vitamin E in my overnight/deep treatments, and I also take it as a supplement. Jojoba is AWESOME for your hair–it’s the closest thing to your own natural hair/skin’s oils–and it’s not a heavy oil, like coconut or EVOO tend to be. I LOVE Jojoba for a variety of uses…I’m so sad that I’m out of it! Thanks so much for the no-‘poo recipe! I also use ACV as a clarifier for when I get buildup. It works fantastically for that, and doesn’t leave a smell (which I think a lot of ppl worry about.)

    • AutumnsMagic

      Yay! Another person who likes it! I haven’t tried the shampoo or conditioner…if they’re anywhere near as pricey as the oil, I doubt I will, because I go through conditioner like CRAZY. Like, 3 bottles of conditioner to every 1 bottle of shampoo. Heh. Thanks for the comment!

    • FantasyFaeryT1

      This was great because I am growing my hair long too! So this was so helpful!!!! I never use a hair dryer 🙂 Your hair looks amazing!!!!!

    • jaynswiss

      i’ve never put coconut oil on my hair…im going to do that tonight i think! i bet your hair smells amazing! im glad that these days there are so many different natural products these days. in my teens i used this herbal oil spray on my hair that ended up smelling like marijuana to some pple! i quit using it, lol!
      i’m contemplating cutting my hair into the cute little bob everyone here is getting for fall. my hair just gets so tangled! any pointers to help with that??!!

    • AutumnsMagic

      Girl–don’t cut your hair!!! (I’m kidding, I’m kidding…do what you want.) It does grow back, yes, but it takes a loooong time, and I know yours is long! EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve cut mine I’ve ended up regretting it. But if you want a short, angled bob, go for it. However….I saw a tutorial recently for how to make long hair short without cutting. It involves using a long hair scarf…I’ll look for the vid. I just need to PM you.I’ve got a ton of tips for you. Give me awhile, but I’ll PM soon.

    • AutumnsMagic

      I’m not sure, to be honest…probably a combination MAC’s Scant and two or three different glosses…sorry! I always mean to keep track of what makeup I’ve used in videos, but generally forget!

    • TheReetal

      if the oil solidifies, then put the bottle in the warm water for 5 min. the oil is back to liquid form.

    • OHxFUCKK

      the fact that it has silicones in it make me like not worth the shot because if i would order it it would be verry expensive for me because i live in europe and im looking for a product thats 100% natural without chemical junk but who knows maybe if im more convinced i order it one day

    • AutumnsMagic

      I’d get pure Argan, Jojoba, Coconut, Sweet Almond, etc. (or even EVOO!) oil if you’re looking for something without silicones or chemicals. Jojoba and Coconut are both fantastic for hair–jojoba is an excellent moisturizer for hair because it is very much like your hair/skin’s own sebum, and it actually penetrates and absorbs into the hair. I use Jojoba in summer, mainly, and usually switch to Coconut Oil or Shea Butter for Winter. HTH! Good luck!

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