8 thoughts on “Making Coconut Milk & Cream

  • karltofu

    I love this video and your recipes, today i needed cocnut cream for a recipe but they didnt have any at the store! Thanks to you I made a nice coconutcream pie, thanks! love from germany

  • TonyaTko

    This was the CUTEST Vid I’ve ever seen!

    lol @ Treat yourself to a nice Spa Treatment! haha! Great way to end the vid


  • almasdp

    never knew the coconut water gave you a stomach ache, i heard its good for you, wow! never knew i always drink it.

  • jmohno

    stomache ache? The water was used as iv drips in the worldwar1 or 2.Wonder if it was referring to the young green coconuts.

  • flabbermouth35

    I spent days looking for a tool to extract meat out of a coconut. And the only thing I have to do is to put it in the oven? Thank You!!!!

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